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I' m Céline Graciet, freelance translator English-French. English-Finnish dictionary and many other English translations for'haka'. It is the Tagalog man. haka. assumption;

conjecture; idea; suspicion;. haka. conjecture[condchéccher]. haka. contrivance[contráivans]. haka. device[diváis]. haka.

About the HAKA

ist22ing - I concur with your comments......although the translation is verbatim, the meanings were omitted....when I learned this Haka, he was declared something like this: {\a6} (Ûpane, ûpane), Rise to the highest level (Ûpane Ûpane whitarte râ!)...... It' s a pity to see this particular Haka in so many cases as one who "threatens" the enemy....if it is not really a threat.

That Haka is a deeply touching thought. "Your thoughts should be like you're doing that particular Haka. I am a Tongan/Hawaiian, but a respecter of all my polynese cultures......and I try to teach the right or right tradition before I perform a culture dances....... I am now a cumu hina, and as such I make sure that my haumâ ana (student) has the right mana'o (knowledge) for every dancer I teach - and the maior haka is one of them (especially ka mate)......and another one I have been teaching is "tika tonu", another one with a strong sense........

What I have written I hopefully would be inspiring to those who are reading this Haka and have learnt to do this Haka with the due regard he deserves....yes, pukana, and shout, scold and rave...but those who listen to your scolding and rapture should listen to the "effort" in your vocal, and in your heartfelt for someone you are respecting and honoring..... it is a completely different vocal pitch than "I will have you eating alive" screaming)...

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"KAME " is a M?ori Haka by Te Rauparaha, the warrior of the Ng?ti Toa people on New Zealand's North Island. In 1820 Te Rauparaha wrote "Ka Mate" as a feast of survival over his happy flight from the persecution of Ng?ti Maniapoto and Waikato enemies[1][2] He had hid himself from them in a grocery store and returned to the limelight to be received by a chieftain kind to him - Te Whareangi (the "hairy man").

This is followed by the Haka's principal body: Kaa mata, Kaa mata! Kaa Oara! Kaa Oora! Kaa Oora! Kaa-mata! Kaa-mata! Kaa-chata! Kaa-cha-cha! ?, ka uane! ka uane! Sync by n17t01 Corrected by honeybunny ? supane, ka supane, white te R!

The All Blacks have been playing another Haka, "Kapa o Pango", since 2005. The longest performance of the All Black's "Ka Mate" since the launch of "Kapa o Pango" is nine, which took place between August 22, 2009 and June 12, 2010. Old Ka Mate releases - A comparing survey of "Ka Mate" from ten different wells.

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