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Study Myanmar (Burmese) or visit a Myanmar (Burmese) speaking country? Free online English-Myanmar translation service. MyBurmese Translation Services company offers high quality professional Burmese translation services at excellent prices. Myanmar translation into or from English.

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Myanmar Burmese-English-Burmese Online Dictionary

You think this lexicon is really a small contribution? For more information, please contact the Burma Center Prague. Myanmar script will download in the latest web browser generations - no need to install. You must have Wwin_Burmese1 fonts or use one of the supported browser for this one.

in Unicode format. Last update: May 5, 2010 1.5.2, copyrights 2006-2013 by C. Amthor. Use of this glossary acknowledges the terminology described on the About the Burmese-English-Burmese Online Lexicon page. Myanmar Center Prague and Myanmar Tourism.

English to Myanmar translators

Languages: English to Myanmar dictionary, English to Myanmar translators online and free of charge. Both English and Myanmar words are searchable. By using the share button you can directly browse for words from the "Internet browser" or other applications. The English To Myanmar Dictionary is a short tutorial with more than one explanation for almost all words.

The" Myanmar Dictionary" share options and if you select "Myanmar Dictionary", the common term will be opened so that you do not have to enter it. When you leave the glossary, you will be returned to "Internet Browser" or other applications. It is not only a learner's guide, but also a study aid.

If you do not have an active network access, you can use this glossary. Properties of the vocabulary or compilation :

English-Birmese translation of the speech

Burma is the official name for the country's most widely spoken languages. More than 32 million Burmese speakers of the local languages are making Myanmar more popular. It was asked for by an US store proprietor who had a retailer in Burma and wanted to address his staff before retiring.

It took a three-page talk and a staff of our two best Myanmar interpreters to do it. They only needed two working day to finish and correct the problem.

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