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Learn why free online translation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. SYSTRAN should be used for any free Chinese translation. It has never been easy to translate, as the source and target languages often do not have the same syntactic structure or even punctuation. Online free translation service German-Chinese (simp). The English Chinese Simplified Translation Service is designed to provide immediate translation of words, phrases and texts into English.

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SYSTRAN can be used for any free English translations. SYSTRAN, the leading provider of machine translations technology, provides a free English-Chinese interpreter. Would you like to translate a non-English e-mail from a provider, a Chinese language marketing survey or a webformular for your next holiday abroad? Nowadays, in today's fast-moving international markets, we have to translate Chinese into English for your own and/or work.

Immediately communicate in native language with SYSTRAN's language conversion tools. You translate yourself! There is no need to contract out the work to an agent or ask for help. SYSTRAN should be used for all your English language projects. Systraan provides a free English to Chinese on-line interpreter. SYSTRAN, the world' s premier provider of machine translating without the need for manual interaction, provides quality results in seconds.

SYSTRAN's CAT tools preserve the meanings of the source text more than a verbatim English to German conversion, which is often incomprehensible. Count on SYSTRAN to quickly and effectively translate an English Chinese text for free. The SYSTRAN product is used by tens of thousand of customers around the world, among them Web sites, Fortune 500 and government agencies.

Which are some good hints to translate English into Chinese?

It has never been simple to translate, as the original and destination tongues often do not have the same syntactical structures or even Punctuation. Moreover, it is not just a matter of working to translate words-wise. It' about interpretation of meanings. What has a good or impartial significance in one speech can be the opposite in another.

Phrase samples in English and Chinese have resemblances and distinctions. But the good thing is that the phrases in a phrase are largely similar in English and Chinese. As an example, timing terms are usually in English in the last part of the phrase (example: we take the 10:00 train), but the first part of the phrase in Chinese (example: we take the 10:00 train).

You will find two example translation projects below. However, they are easily remembered and learned by English mother tongue people. Some of the difference between English and Chinese, however, can be very slight. In Chinese, follow-on phrases can be linked with a single decimal point. In addition, Chinese allows the use of the noun before genuine Noun.

It is sometimes quite irritating to hear such Chinese phrases. This is an example of a Chinese trailer and a substantive. In addition to the typesetting layer, grammar variations at the verb layer are also hard to translate. There are no strained marker on the verb layer, but what is known as " particle " has specific words to express strained and other detail (?????), often added after the verb, which coarsely expresses the present, the present and the past.

As for the meanings of the words, the English metaphoric use sometimes cannot be directly converted into Chinese (or the other way around). For a Chinese man, a verbatim interpretation makes no point without the appropriate technical explanations. However, if you want to translate good English into Chinese, you need to study Chinese well first.

You can only translate successfully if you have a good command of both the source and destination languages.

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