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To find an English-Chinese translation in the English-Chinese dictionary, enter a word to translate in the field above. On-line translation for Chinese Simplified to English and other languages. Simplified Chinese translation of "wheat" | The official Collins English-Chinese dictionary online. This dictionary is not a translator. No sentences are translated.

Swahili ( "simple") translations

They would definitely need the capacity to speak a language in order to fully appreciate the spirit and contexts of this other group. The easiest way to get started is to use our on-line conversion system, which is supported by various automated machines. Chinese to Chinese (simp) conversion tools include on-line conversions, Chinese and German to Chinese and (simp) text-to-speech tools, spelling checker, on-screen keypad for the main language, back translator, e-mail clients and much more.

Most comfortable translating experience ever made.

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The technical terminology used in our glossary is very useful for those who translate professionally from German into Mandarin. View the latest posts in the English-Chinese glossary and insert your own: Give your opinion for or against the China language version of British words. You can find more English-Chinese language versions added by our translators in the English-Chinese Collaborative Library.

In the Collins Collins Collaborative Newspaper, you will find the common words and phrases, while in the Collaborative English Language Library you will find the same words, phrases, technical translation, trusted words and phrases, regionalism that are hard to find in conventional on-line glossaries. Receive results from both the general and collaborative lexicons from a common user interfaces!

Since we try to make it easier for you to translate the words and phrases into Mandarin, you have the option to see syonyms of a term, verbalize it and get the accent of the term, or even insert another sense into the Mandarin-English wordbook, all with just one click on the term.

As a result of the search for a term, you get translation from the general lexicon and words and phrases added by people.

Japonese firm has made an immediate machine for travelers translations

Japonese firm Logbar has developed a glossary that will translate your words immediately to help you travel around the globe. It' s named "ili" and currently only works with English, Japaneese and Simplified Chinese, but further language versions will be added over the years. Work without WiFi or wireless devices so it can be used in the remotest places. It costs around 160 pounds and is scheduled for release in the US in June 2017.

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