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Chuck Chuck Chuck! Louvre-moi de baisers....Cheers, cheers, cover me in kiss..... Chuck chin! ¿Goûte et dis-moi....Cheers, cheers, cheers, then tell me.... ~ Unne Salade Chin Chin Chin Chin.Chinese chickensalad from the chin. They incinerated Chin Chin in the vet clinic.

I could've swore the Chin Chin Chin is Chin. He was a beautiful chin Chin etait un marveilleux chien, Michel Chin Chin was a beautiful document.

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PREMERO menton, y Louego menton-menton, il a appris le menton le premier mois et ensuite menton-menton. Siémpré me he pre-guntado, Ápor qué quaré "chin-chin"?I have always wondered why "chin-chin"? Pav-Pav y Chin-Chin no fueden venir a la prueba.Paw-paw and Chin Chin cannot come to the test run. Surement. Je vous donnerai la chambre de Paw-paw et Chin-Chin.

Chin-Chin, cómo loungelevas Chin-Chin, how is she?

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Je vic donerai la champagne de paw-paw et Chin Chin's room. Chin Chin Chin Chin chickensalad. J'aurais jure que le chien du sanwich etait Chin Chin Chin is I could have swear. The Chin Chin Chin Café serves a variety of tasty dishes in a colourful environment.

Chuck didn't even like barbecu.

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