Trading Company in Yangon

Yangon Trading Company

Locate and contact service providers for commercial companies and agents in Myanmar to expand your import exports. High Trust Trading Co., Ltd.

Agents and trading companies in Myanmar

What can multinational trading enterprises, agencies, distributors as well as exportservices do for your retail sector? Collaboration with domestic distribution brokers and exports services firms in domestic overseas territories is often crucial to the effectiveness of an exports transaction developing policy. Global trading enterprises, domestic importer, distributor and agent support overseas enterprises by contributing to the promotion of sale through the use of regional marketing expertise and network of regional commercial contact.

Whose range of activities do they perform? Those major suppliers can perform exports, buy, display, store, sell your goods at a profit or receive a commision on the sale and ship them to retailer or end-user/customer. The majority of international trading firms, agencies and distribution partners specialise in areas of operation and have their own field staff / production manager for company developments.

You usually already have a number of goods or service for sale and would like to supplement them with goods or service from a new exporting company. Some of the distribution costs are shared between the exporting company and others via the distribution agent, which makes entry to the international markets more accessible. The commercial relation (and the agreement signed) with the distribution agent, however, becomes a crucial element for the prospects of success in the destination state.

Specialist in the field of international trade and industry support in the development of new international business opportunities, in the procurement and selection of suitable partner. Our listings include a large number of export service professionals: sales advisors, research institutes, advertisers, packaging houses, etc. You can support them in selling their goods or service in a international store.

As a rule, these are fee-based free-of-charge fees, which can also contain a performance bonus. We currently offer three types of service. We currently serve 5 of our own production ranges in our portfolio. Burmese honey in different package sizes - Ready made - individual brand. The Myanmar Cashews Groove is available in different package sizes - ready-made items - individual logos.

Burmese jams in different packaging sizes - Ready products - individual logos available. Burmese Green Tea in different packaging sizes - Ready made products - individual brand. Our Myanmar market research service. Our sourcing services for products come from Burma. The Serica Trade Group operates internationally and is a distributor for corporations and government around the globe.

Our focus is on new technology (high technology, biotech, etc.) and high-skills ("financial services", "legal services", etc.). Our 60+ experienced distributors and business experts have provided our customers with the necessary expertise and experience. Our company is a highly qualified outsourcing company that can help you find suppliers and suppliers in Asia.

Our Myanmar based offices can also help you enter this thrilling new world. At DKSH, we are the premier supplier of Asian based marketing expansion services. DKSH is helping other businesses and brand names to expand their businesses in new or established marketplaces, as the word "Market Expansion Services" states.

DKSH has been quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange since March 2012 and is a globally active company with its headquarters in Zurich. DKSH has 680 offices in 35 different markets - 660 of which are in Asia - and 25,900 specialists and achieved net revenues of CHF 8.

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