Traders Hotel Myanmar

Dealer Hotel Myanmar

Shwedagon, Traders Hotel, Sakura Tower. Dealer Hotel Yangon Myanmar, Bangkok, Thailand. The Traders Hotel in Yangon combines elegance and friendly hospitality and is the perfect starting point to get to know the unmistakable and fascinating culture of the city. Altogether, Traders Hotel, Yangon allows you to enjoy your Myanmar adventure with relatively few compromises. Myanmar, one of the most exotic and colourful countries in the world, has been a magnet for traders and travellers for centuries.

Yangon Hotel - Luxury 5 Stars

GALERIE CASH ANNOUNCEMENT: From 1 June 2018 the Gallery Bar will be transformed into a non-smoking area. There is a smokers' area outside the hotel (directly in front of the front door of the lobby) for those who wish to have a cigarette. We' ll be glad to help you to ensure a trouble-free transfer for all your visitors.

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Dealer Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

There are few resorts to chose from in Myanmar's emerging trading capitol, Yangon. Some refurbished colorful farm houses that have been converted into high-end accommodations will keep your card full, while budgetary and mid-range choices could make you uncomfortably warm and annoyed by recurring power outages.

However, there is one option that will surprise you and make your purse quite lucky - Traders Hotel, Yangon. Managed by the Shangri-La Group, the standard at Traders Hotels is constantly good around the globe. Given the limits of the surrounding area, this traders estate in Yangon does a wonderful work to bring global quality to a demanding location.

Sule Pagoda shines in the southern direction and is the great Yangon river seen from all sides of the hotel. On the other side of the riverbank a luxuriant grassy plains spreads out. Traders Club Lounge is the ideal observation deck for this area.

With the Traders Hotel, one of the highest in town, the scenery can be seen for kilometres on a clear sunny mornings. Situated in the centre of the town, the Traders Hotel is within easy walking distance of cultural and tourist attractions. Whilst an adventurous journey on the road should be on the daily schedule of every traveller to Yangon, it is certainly a pleasure to be back in a cold, cleaner and more pleasant one.

The Traders Hotel Yangon offers all the comforts of contemporary living. Newly renovated, a smooth, clean rug, plenty of marbles and some nice artwork are waiting for you. The Traders Club King room offered enough room to relax from a hot excursion outing. The city centre and the Yangon River were seen from the large windows on the twentieth-story.

House-shoes, bathrobes, a welcome sundae and a turn-down shop complete the conveniences we expected from retailers. When we didn't have enough to try any treatment, a 5-star hotel spas look attractive and inexpensive with a proper schedule of relaxing and cosmetic treatment. The Traders Club room offers very practical advantages: breakfastbuffet in the mornings, teas, coffees and refreshments all days and cocktails with alcoholic beverages and snacks in the evenings.

One way or the other, the view from the Club Lounge is breathtaking and makes it a pleasant place for a quiet snack and sip. The Traders Café is the hotel's all-day restuarant. The Traders Hotel, Yangon, with its position, contemporary comfort and club lounge is an outstanding option for accommodations in the centre of Myanmar's business city.

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