That Toyger looks like a jungle tiger. Toyger is a cat designed by breeders to give people the opportunity to have a "toy tiger". The Toyger looks like a jungle tiger with beautiful, strong stripes and strong body. Toyger is a small cat bred like a tiger. Source: SouthClaw Cattery, breeding quality Toyger Cats and Kittens in Nelson NZ.

Introduction to Toyger

Wilderness call in the lounge: that's the Toyger with its dramatically stripped and glittering fur. Toyger is reared to look like the tiger of the wilderness, but in a packaging that blends in well with the contemporary metropolitan lifestyles with the same natural environment as the house cats.

This mid-size feline has the rollaway walk and lively stripe designs of the Wildcats without a straw. Smart-looking, open-minded females who enjoy being with their mates. The Toyger is a young race that is developing to work as a breeder to reproduce the design and colours of the animal with ever greater sophistication.

Many of the Toyger breeder are also very worried about the conservation of the lovely savage breeds that females are designed to look like. Humans often call Makrelen Tabby-Katzen often as a tiger or Tigerstreifen and nevertheless is their sample far away from the daring braiding samples of the genuine one.

Judy Sugden worked in the early 1980' to enhance the clearness of the marking of mackerels on these tigers. Noticing that her kitty Millwood Sharp Shooter had two dots with tobacco marks on her temples, she realised that this could be a potential way to develop a kitty with the real circle on top of a tiger's orbit.

Household tabbies' temporal patterns usually have no such marks on the scalp. The foundation stone for the young Toyger race were two kittens, a streaked, native short hair called Scrapmetal and a large legged Bengal called Millwood Rumpled Spotskin. Also in 1993 Judy was importing Jammu Blu, a stray from Kashmir, India, who had all stains between her ear and not the usual tobacco-line.

Toyger is a kind, open-minded and fun to be with humans. They' re smart and hands-on kittens who also get along well with other domestic animals. Her relaxed characters make it easier for them to interact with them, and they blend into your home so you feel like you've really domesticated the wilderness.

This Toyger fur design is one-of-a-kind in the house cats. Aim of the face marks is to have a circle shape. Like tigers, the colours sorted are deep marks on a brilliant yellow backdrop on the outside to upper parts of the feline with a white base colour on the inside and outside.

Each of these lovely tragic designs, each of which is like a finger print in its own right, is reinforced by the scattering of golden glitters on the top to further enhance the furs. The unmistakable new cattery has different characteristics than the fur, which help it to look like the tiger of the wilderness.

Its long, low, rectangular form has the strong, profound appearance of the big animal, together with large bone and high shoulder, which give the toyger at home the roll of the big wildcat. The Toyger is like the Toyger a very muscle type with a long reversed cardiac form in the face.

This mid-size, parlor scale replica tigers at 10-15 lbs for the males and 7-10 lbs for the females. This Toyger will inspire your fantasy as you see it wandering through your home in the city' s jungles, which is its original home.

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