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Strengthening the township health system in Myanmar? Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia This is a listing of Myanmar cities by state/region and district: Myanmar Disistricts Previously, Myanmar's states and territories were split into 67 counties (Burmese: ????

; Myanmar pronunciation: [k??jài?]), which in turn are split into cities, towns, stations and communities. Myanmar Myanmar (also known as Burma) is organized into twenty-one administration departments, which include:Burmese Languages The Myanmar Languages (??????????, MLCTS: mysanma bhasa,[b?mà bàðà]) is the governing currency of Myanmar.

While Myanmar's constitution formally recognises the name of the British name for the Burmese locale as the Myanmar locale, most people who speak German still use it.

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Included in this section are GAD Township Reviews (2017) in Myanmar lang. Every township map is made up of township profiles, a brief story, geographic traits, information on climates, economies, social as well as religion and local developments. The report was prepared for 324 of the 330 municipalities. Mahaaungmyay from Mandalay and Mongmao, Pangwaun, Mongla, Narphan and Pangsang from Shan State are the lacking cities.

In this section, we provide coverage of the English and Myanmar Municipal and Subcommunity Population censuses, using the 2014 Myanmar Population Survey dates. It was published by DoorP in October 2017. Every account is made up of information from the demographic characteristics, religion, education, economic characteristics, identity cards, disability, housing and household equipment, fertility and mortality, cards and fast facts of the population.

The report was prepared for 328 of the 330 municipalities and 82 of the 83 sub-communities. Much of the land is lacking in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Voivodeships and Taungpyoletwea Sub Township in Rakhine State.

Kachin State's Hpakant Township: Myanmar students are missed.

According to a report by a headmaster on Friday, four high schools were found by local policemen in neighbouring Hpakant in a suburb of the municipality of Mohnyin in Kachin State in the north of Myanmar. Pupils, two in 8th and two in 9th graders at Mya Thida High in Hopin, disappeared on June 18 and were last seen along the Indawgyi-Hpakant route.

These four had abandoned Hopin and went to Saitaung Station in neighbouring Hpakant Township, where one of the pupil's mother and father Wai Min Soe is living, said Mya Thida High School Admin Soe Min Tun. "Wai Min Soe's mum and dad told other mum and dad that the guys were in the building, and then the mum and dad told us," he said.

Gymnasium had notified the officers in the neighbouring townships of Hpakant, Mogaung and Mohnyin about the lack of pupils who had had no further contacts with their families since Monday. While searching the Indawgyi-Hpakant area, the four found cops in the Hpakant community and has notified their families to gather them, said Off. Byet San of Hopin Myoma Station policing.

WNH, parent of Thant Zin Tun, said she was told that her boy was found on Friday and that he is at the Hpakant police station. There were fears that the refugees were received against their will in the war-torn Kachin state, where kidnapping of civil servants by smugglers, the state' s armed forces and ethnical militia are custom.

By 2017, four smugglers had kidnapped four people from Mohnyin township and brought them to China, where they later fled.

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