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Experience history up close with guided tours from the Crown Jewels to the infamous Tower of Ravens, plan your next visit to the Tower of London today. The Tower of London, called the Tower, royal fortress and landmark of London. The Tower of London | Historic Royal Palaces Purchasing your ticket on-line is the least expensive and most comfortable way to get to the Tower. Witness Anne Boleyn's gruesome tragedy through her captivity, trials and executions in the Tower of London. Be enchanted by this stunning, world-famous gemarium of 23,578 gems in the Tower of London.

Encounter Tower of London historical personalities, master challenging moments and earn insignia on your digital mission. Experience the Tower of London's stunning venues. We' re a charitable organization and there are several ways you can do this. So much more about each of the six castles with boundless visits throughout the year.

Whether large or small, every bequest is important for Historical Royal Palace and makes a true distinction to our work. There are many ways in which voluntary workers help the palace.

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Tower of London, formally Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historical palace on the northern banks of the Thames in the centre of London. Situated in London's Tower Hamlets district, separate from the east side of the City of London's City of London district by the open spaces known as Tower Hill.

Named after the whole chateau, the White Tower was constructed in 1078 by William the Conqueror and was an evil icon of repression added to London by the new governing lord. It was a great building at the beginning of its story and was used as a king's mansion. The tower as a whole is a group of several structures arranged in two concentrated circles of defence ramparts and a trench.

Tower of London has featured prominently in British music. It was used as an armory, treasure chamber, ministry, home of the Royal Mint, archive and home of the Crown Jewels of England. Between the early fourteenth and early fourteenth centuries until the rule of Charles II, a parade from the tower to Westminster Abbey was held to crown a rook.

The Constable of the Tower is responsible for the tower in the monarch's absentmind. It was the prince's jail in the tower in the latter part of the fifteenth cen. The Tudors used the tower less as a king's palace, and despite efforts to fortify and restore the fortress, its defence remained behind the development of ordnance.

The use of this word has resulted in the sentence "sent into the tower". In spite of its continuing fame as a place of tortures and deaths, popularized by 19 th centurys cultists and authors, only seven men were killed in the tower before the World Wars. The killings took place more frequently on the infamous Tower Hill just south of the fortress, where 112 killings took place over a 400-year span.

During the second half of the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Royal Mint left the palace in other places, vacating many outbuildings. It was Anthony Salvin and John Taylor who took the chance to put the tower back into its mediaeval look by removing many of the empty post-medieval constructions.

During the First and Second World Wars, the tower was again used as a jail and was witness to the execution of 12 men for spionage. Today, the Tower of London is one of the country's most visited tourism destinations. Celebrated by the Constable of the Tower, it is run by the Historic Royal Palaces charitable organisation and is a World Heritage Site.

To the right of the middle is the White Tower from the eleventh quarter; the building at the end of the road to the lefthand side is the Wakefield Tower. This is the external façade of the Tower of London, behind which the façade of the internal section can be seen. It was built in the end of the eleventh and is located in the southern part of the city.

Outside drapery wall was built in the thirteenth c. in the back, just south of the Tower of London. For 400 years, 112 persons were hanged on the mound. This is the front door to the Tower of London. Accessed April 16, 2018. Thing.

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