Tower Bridge


The Tower Bridge in London is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Learn all about the world's most famous bridge and its fascinating history in the Tower Bridge exhibition. Newest tweets from Tower Bridge (@TowerBridge). The Tweets from Tower Bridge Exhibition: tells the story of the world's most famous bridge.


Enter the world's most celebrated bridge and see its icons, breathtaking vistas and glass floor, intriguing exhibits and impressive Vectorian engine rooms. The high sidewalks offer breathtaking panorama and thrills to see London through the glass floor. Join our'Walk of Fame' to see some of the untouched Tower Bridge characters.

Discover their tales and immerse yourself in the working bridge in one of London's real jewels: the splendid victorian engine rooms.

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Explore the variety of exciting trips, what happens when you come to see us and the days when you can experience the charm of a bridge-lifter. The Tower Bridge exhibition will be closing from 24 to 26 December and open from 10.00 a.m. on 1 January. It is recommended that the visitor allow extra to validate their on-line reservation, safety controls and ski lifts to the walkways.

Access to the walkways cannot be granted at rush hours or in the case of bridge elevators for a certain period of the year.

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In 1910 - the high sidewalks, which were built so that the general population could still walk across the bridge when it was lifted, were shut down due to underuse. In 1912 - in an emergencies Frank McClean had to take off in his brief double-decker between the bascule and the high catwalks to prevent an acciden.

In 1952 - a London coach drove by Albert Gunter had to jump from one flap to the other when the bridge began to climb with the number 78. The Tower Bridge was reddish, whitish and bluish in 1977 to commemorate the Queen's silver anniversary. {\a6} (Before that, it was coated dark bay).

82 - The Tower Bridge is opened to the general public for the first since 1910, with a temporary interior display entitled The Tower Bridge Experience.

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