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In spite of the opening for tourism, Burma still lacks the simple infrastructure and widespread English of its neighbours. Burma Cycle Tours: Cycle tours in Mandalay, Bagan, Pagan, Rangoon, Yangon, Popa, Kalaw and Inle Lake. Discover North Burma's destinations, including the Bagan Plains, Lake Inle, the gentle hills of Shan State and historic Mandalay. A breathtaking journey through one of the most isolated countries on earth. Myanmar Bird Watching Tours and Myanmar Bird Watching Tours have great itineraries and guides.

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Burma, Ford Army Tour, 12 day, The Road to Mandalay

It is a great chance to see some of the most scenic parts of Burma (now Myanmar). Experiencing the country's wealthy cultural heritage and history, as well as the sufferings that followed the most violent struggles during the Second World War. Board a personal daily Irrawaddy voyage to historical Bagan, where we are hoping to see some of the Allied intersections when they chased the hostile out of Burma.

Burma's early 1942 incursion by Japans, which led to some major catastrophe for the UK, Commonwealth and China armed groups, which included the blasting of the Sittang bridges, which put half the UK troops on the other side of the riverbank and directly into the hand of the Japans. In early 1944, General Slim and his infamous Fourteenth Army beat the Japan at Imphal and Kohima on the India frontier, while the Chindits and Merrill Marauders of Britain and the United States were operating behind hostile airlines in the Irrawaddy Canyon.

As the Allies struggled back to Burma, they crossed all the great streams and reconquered Mandalay and Meiktila in the early 1945s, which led to the capitulation of the Japanes this year. Victims in this rugged jungles were hard at over 70,000 â many of them will be on the Htaukkyan War Cemetery and Memorial â which we will be visiting.

Myanmar finally became independent of Britain in 1948 and it will be interesting to see the impact of the recent holding of the recent democracy election during our tour. Days 1 & 2 â Departure. From Heathrow, take a flight via Bangkok to Rangoon. Upon arriving you will be transferred to the lovely Inya Lake Hotel and enjoying the free lodging for the remainder of the afternoon.

Dag 3 â Rangoon. Sightseeing of the Rangoon Colonies, tour of the workflow, the Old Courthouse and a refreshment in the famed beach hotel. Later in the evening you will see the Anglican Cathedral and the Scottâs Market, now known as Bogyoke Aung San Market, and Shwedagon Pagoda, the holiest pagoda in the area.

4 â Sittang Bridge. Tonight we are visiting the Htaukkyan war cementery and memorial with 6,374 Commons wealth burials and more VCâs than any other one. On to Moulmein, where we stop at the Sittang Bridge and learn about the 1942 army-catastrophe. Morning 5 â Moulmein. We drive to the north end of the Burma/Thailand Death railroad and stop at the Thanbyuzayat graveyard, where many of the railroad detainees who worked and killed are grave.

MANDALay. Transfers to the Mandalay International Airfield for an in-house plane ride, prepared for an afternoons visit to sights such as Gurkha Hill and the Old Palace. Checking into the beautiful Mandalay Hill Resort. Morning 8 â Maymyo. Travel to Maymyo, a Colonian Hill Station and check-in to Kandawgwi Hill Resort for free use.

Sight-seeing in this wonderful and intriguing city with a unique tour of the Botanical Garden with its tropical plants, bushes and plants. MANDALay. Back to Mandalay through wonderful landscapes, visits to other sights on the way back to Mandalay Hill Resort, which includes Calvert's jungle fighting school.

The Irrawaddy Crusade 10. Join the Irrawaddy full moon tour and enjoy this powerful stream on the way to Bagan. We' ll see the Allied border crossings in early 1945, when they expelled the hostile from Burma. Morning 11 â Bagan.

Visit the historical city with its sanctuaries, Stupa's and Pagoda's before we return to Rangoon by plane. Return 12 â return.

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