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View reviews and photos of hikes in Myanmar, Asia on TripAdvisor. The Yangon River Tour to Dala takes you to the village of Dala, where you can explore landscapes, people, local lifestyles and relics in places. You will be amazed from the lively Yangon to the historic Bagan, Myanmar. The legendary secretarial building of Yangon is finally open to visitors during the renovation phase, and this exclusive tour takes curious guests deep into the majestic interior of the building. View reviews and photos of bike tours in Myanmar, Asia on TripAdvisor.

Arrive in Yangon, flight to Inle Lake

First we take the Irrawaddy Riviera upriver and then from Mingun to Sagaing, along a magnificent street that runs alongside the Irrawaddy-Riviera. We ascend to Legaing Mountain for a brief, demanding ascent, from where we have a magnificent panoramic look at the monastic mound and Mandalay in the distant area.

Remark: Today 11 is the perfect time for a dawn sunset aerial view over Bagan, one of the best aerial views in the time. When you book the trip, please enquire whether this is of interest to you. Myanmar has an interesting offer of several days of biking in Myanmar. Bicycle the Bagan Temple, see the scenery around Mandalay or continue to Mount Popa, Inle Lake, the cities of the Shan Hills or the intriguing southern part of the state.

Start your Myanmar cycle trip and explore the beautiful Inle Lake by bicycle & boot before you pedal..... An unforgettable, energetic bicycle ride through one of the most fascinating places in S..... Bicycle trip classic Mandalay and the remains of an antique neighboring town, before we visit Myanmar's main square.....

Bicycle through the magnificent plains of western Myanmar and travel from the classical northerly town..... This is a two-day bicycle ride from Myanmar's legendary Bagan Plains, a journey full of adventures and discoveries that will.....

It is this individual phrase that best demonstrates the uniqueness of the people: not only to provide hospitableness, but to wish you all the best.

It is this individual phrase that best demonstrates the uniqueness of the people: not only to provide hospitableness, but to wish you all the best. Cedana", with a tradition deep anchored in the Buddhist ideology of love, is the profession of faith Myanmar lives by, which means warm benevolence to friends and strangers equally. Throughout its long past, this was the case until the early civilisations that flourished since the 2. cent., namely the Rakhine on the western shore and the Pyu, which belong to the forefathers of today's Bama.

Over the years, great empires came and went until the Third Myanmar Empire came and went to the British colonials in 1885. Burma eventually achieved sovereignty in 1948. Myanmar has for many years vanished behind a barrier of self-isolation, and recently it opened its door to the outside worlds again, unveiling the countrys almost unspoiled and unspoiled cultures and ecologies.

Myanmar has something to appeal to all seasons, with a variety of terrains ranging from ice-covered northern peaks to the luxuriant green of the deltas and innumerable unspoilt sands. Burma is an agricultural nation with a total of 52 million people, 90% of whom live in the countryside.

Over a hundred different breeds are proud to be in their own culture, but in perfect union with all. Bama or Myanmar are the main breed that inhabits the main area with Shan, Kayin, Kachin, Kayah, Chin, Rakhine and Mon with their subraces in mountain areas nearer the border or along the long coast line.

This predominantly buddhistic land has other faiths such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or animism living together in peaceful coexistence and it is not uncommon to see a pagoda, church, mosque or temple in a neighborhood. But Myanmar's most valuable asset is its tribe, kind and welcoming, meek and sincere.

Myanmar is still one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the whole wide globe; a place of stunning natural beauties and charms, which offers all the tradional pleasures of Asia in one amazing state. Welcome to Myanmar, the pagoda's gold lands, with a desire for happiness:

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