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Myanmar Tourist Visa and Citizens

All the paperwork we had to bring was:. Myanmar Consular Service for Citizens, please click here. Complete the e-visa application form for tourists in India online. Visa free travel, United States Department of State. The Who Needs A Myanmar Visa.

US Citizen Visa Requirement - Myanmar Forum

We leave for Myanmar in less than a months time and a mate just said that we need a touristic visas before we land in Yangoon. I' m told to send my passport to the Myanmarassy. Candidate NOW at your local Bangkok Consulate or drive through Bangkok where you can collect one in one working days.

Don't forgetting all the necessary papers and documentation, they are very specific about which! or call the New York Metropolitan Municipality at ((212) 744-1271. Might take a months to get that visum. In September, our visits only lasted about a whole weeks from the embassy in Washington. ALL UP TO DATE - YOU CAN GET YOUR MYANMAR TOURISM VISUM ONLINE!

South East Asia Visa Requirements for US Citizens

U.S. citizens can request a U.S. Citizenship Visas upon arriving; simply give $30 and a photograph. With your visas you can remain for a period not exceeding one months. You can also get a more costly but much more comfortable Cambodia e-Visa which you can get on-line for an extra $7.

More information on obtaining a Cambodia visas can be found in this article: Kampuchea travel information. For Cambodia in the USA, visit the Embassy of Cambodia's website. Since March 2016, the Algerian authorities have allowed people from 169 different nations to travel without visas. In particular, US passports can be issued, but the charge will depend on how long you wish to remain (maximum 30 days).

More information can be found in this article: US citizens can buy a $50 US citizens visas upon check-in for a 30 day-limit. You must present the charge together with the following requirements: an authentic US visas valid for at least six month; a fully completed visas request from your immigration port's cash register; and two recent photo passports.

In order to obtain a Lao U.S. citizenship, please visit the Lao Embassy's website. If you would like more information on obtaining a Laos entry permit, please see this Laos immigration document. U.S. citizens who visit Malaysia do not need a visas when entering Malaysia for personal, commercial or educational use.

Visitor may remain visa-free for a period not exceeding three month. More information can be found in this article: More information on Malaysia vouchers directly from the horse's jaws can be found on the Embassy of Malaysia's website. You will need a current Myanmar Citizenship Card with a minimum of six month expiry date and a current Myanmar Citizenship Visum to travel to Myanmar.

The" entry visa" has been abolished for visitors; only businessmen can obtain a visas. Luckily for US travellers, Myanmar is offering an "e-visa" - simply register on its website ( mm). There is a $50 e-visa fee (payable by bank card); you will also need to provide an up-to-date colour picture along with your ID and ticketing information.

US passportholders without e-visa must obtain a pre-approval for a visit to the next Myanmar consulate or missions. Learn more on the Myanmar Embassy's website. U.S. passportholders can travel without a valid entry permit if the stay does not exceed 21 nights. You can apply for an extension of your visas at the Philippine embassies, Philippine consulates or the Bureau of Immigration within the Philippines.

Please see this article: More information about the Philippines on the Philippines Embassy's website. U.S. citizens do not require a Singapore entry permit; the entry permit allows a max. of 30 nights. Please see this article: More information about Singapore visits can be found on the Singapore Embassy's website.

U.S. citizens must obtain prior permission for a U.S. citizenship permit from the closest U.S. Visashdesk. A 30 or 90 day visitors permit can be applied for in the USA either at the U.S. Visiting Ambassador in Washington, DC if you are on the East Coast, or at the U.S. Visiting Ambassador's Office in San Francisco if you are on the West Coast.

For more information, please see this article: Viet Nam visa. To find out more about Vietnam visa directly from the sources, go to the Vietnamese Embassy's website.

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