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Myanmar Australia Tourist Visa

The first week was mainly spent getting our Indian tourist visa. Argentina Australia Brazil Tourist: The Commonwealth of Australia; Austria : The Thai Visa Run (TVR) runs visas to Myanmar via Ranong almost daily. e-Tourist Visa; scanned bio page of passport with photo and details.


With eVisas, India now provides tourists with eVisas for people from over 150 different nations, Australia included, which means you don't have to spend long periods waiting at the embassy to get a visa stamping in your pass. You must request your visa in good notice, however, as delayed requests will not be dealt with.

Describes the procedure for getting your India Tourist eVisa on-line for Australia nationals and FAQ. What is the best time to get the eVisa? Australiapassportholders must obtain an eVisa for India at least four working day before their visit to India.

You can now fill out your form at home without having to go to the Indian Embassy or stand in line. For how long can Australians remain in India? Tourist eVisa allows Australians a minimum of two 30-day residence periods within a year and becomes effective on the first day of travel.

India visa is approximately $50 for Australians, and there is an extra $35 for services. Australians require a dual-page ID card with a validity of at least six month from the date of your country of residence. You will also need to have a copy of your pass and current photographs.

What is the duration of obtaining an India visa for Australia? Indian visa for Australians last a maximum of four working nights, provided there are no issues, and many requests are accepted on the same time. There will be a delay, however, if your photographs do not comply with the requirement or if your application contains mistakes and you cannot request a visa for India until 33 working nights before your travel.

Please find the on-line visa applications here. What does the electronic tourist visa look like? Is it possible to go to India with a fugitive pass? No, all travellers wishing to obtain their India visa on-line require a current one.

When you have a visa for refugees, you must go to the closest Indian consulate to do so. Which are the photographic prerequisites for applying for an e-visa in India? When submitting your resume, please be aware that you must provide a picture in your resume. Is it possible to visit India several trips a year with this visa or how often can I use it?

The eVisa for tourists to visit lndia is valid for a year. Every year when you request the eVisa, it is counted towards the 2 requests per year. Are diplomatic/official passport/laissez passport holder eVisa-claimed? eVisa is not available to diplomatic, passport or laissez passport holder.

The same applies to those who are in possession of an emergency/limited card. Is it possible to travel to India with my E-visa at any place of arrival? A lot of respondents think that on-line information is leaking and that their own data may fall into the false hands. However, this is not the case. It seems India has done a good job of making its visa request procedure relatively simple, but requests are denied for the smallest mistakes and you cannot get a reimbursement for denied visa.

Please click here to request an India visa.

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