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Myanmar travel expenses per destination/day. It is a government-operated tourist resort in Yangon, praised as one of the MUST SEE places for most tourists. Lekokkone Orchid is the ideal place for a perfect weekend outing when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Yangon City. Doing in Yangon, Myanmar: All in all, Yangon is a wonderful place to explore, stroll and take a walk.

MuYANMAR GEMS MUSEUM, YANGON, MYANMAR - Review of the Myanmar Gems Museum, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It is a government-run resort in Yangon, praised as one of the MUST SEE places for most people. In Yangon, most cabs do not have a FLAG DOWN system and charge RIDICULOUS. A few can charge up to 15,000 Kyats for a single trip from the city centre to the museum.

This museum is a WHAT DOWN with bad lighting and display; admission is subject to a surcharge. Those responsible are very impolite and ignoring GEMS. JEWELLERY STORES jewellery stores around the museum, which are mainly run by Chinaraders, are the primary interest of museum owners. Come and see us for experience's sake and keep on the way out of the stores!

Yangon's Gem Museum and Mart, is definitely a good place to have a look and get a feeling of how generous Burma's past. Get to the top level, put your telephone and your video in a safe deposit box, then take Stage I. And get to know the richness and variety of Myanmar's minerality.

There was an outstanding English-language tour leader who guided us through the exhibition. Find out more about gemstones, silver, jade, golden and beads with a grand scale of 36 mineralities and ready-made jewellery and other craft. It is one of the best in the country and well known among the tourist.

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Ten ways to explore the fascinating Yangon, Myanmar: As a native

You wonder what you can do in Yangon, Myanmar and if it is definitely worthwhile? Wonderfully messy, ethnic varied, noisy, lively and apparently maintained at the moment, the former Myanmar capitol Yangon merits far more attentiveness than the "fly-in, fly-out" handling that most travellers give her. However, where travelers are offered an insight into old civilizations and precious historical treasures by travelers such as Bagan and Inle Lake, Yangon is the best place in the land to experience Myanmar at an unbelievable turning point in its past before the outside worlds formally flood it and change it forever.

When you travel to Myanmar, you should spend at least a few nights in the singular town of Yangon (we suggest three days). This is what you can do in Yangon to see everything that makes it so amazing, so you can see why it is one of our favourite places in Southeast Asia.

Didn't you know Yangon has the best meal in Southeast Asia? Coming to Yangon, we looked around and found that there are innumerable treasures around every turn, just wait to be explored. There is a mixture of influence from neighbouring India, China and Thailand, as well as many cuisines that could only be found in Myanmar, making it one of the best (and most exciting) things to eat in Yangon.

The best meal is on the road. Try Crêpes, a dish of mussel fish-curry broth, tealeaf lettuce and toes, all easily found on the cityscape. The holiest Buddhist Buddha and Yangon icons, you can't really go without visiting the gold Shwedagon Buddha.

Go through the temples one by one around the central stupa and try not to get caught in the middle of all the gild. While the most beloved moment for a trip is the sundown, it is also very pleasant to show up in the early afternoons without exploring the masses of people and then take a look at the beginning of the sundown before you escape the herds.

Teahouses in Yangon are cafés in Paris, where all one' s live takes place. Remains of colonisation, you will find at least one teahouse on each pad in Yangon, stuffed to the brink with local snacks, smoke, speeches and laughter over pans of verdant teas for lessons.

As a foreigner in Yangon is still a new thing, go to a teahouse alone and it won't be long before you make new acquaintances who are eager to know about your world. The favourite teahouse in Yangon is a small town on Mahabandoola St (with your back to Sule Pagoda, go along the road towards Chinatown, it's the first teahouse on the left).

It is also a great place to taste tasty biscuits and Myanmar Meeshay pasta (all for about 50 Cent or less). The ride on the Yangon roundtrip was one of our favourite adventures. It is part of a local transport line and runs through the town for about 3 hrs, giving drivers the opportunity to observe the town from the sash.

The ride on the roundtrip is usually at the top of the list of "Best Things to Do in Yangon", but we have found a new way to see it, which makes it a top place. If you buy your 200 kilo tickets, you will receive a touristic pass and be sent to the touristic vehicle.

It is new, more intimate and full of other visitors. You will see the town outside, but that doesn't make it too valuable for most travellers. But if you make the lucky error of being in a commuter coach, as we have done, you are sure to meet an hour or two of those who come and go from work, showering in the kind of stunning accommodation that can only be found in Myanmar, and experiencing a moment that tells you why everyone needs to come and see Myanmar right now.

To get into the Yangon area, get in the locals cars. Purchase your touristic tickets and then get in the locals vehicle. They know it because there are only two banks on each side, and the center of the pavement is usually full of load, crops, food or grocery for sale.

And there won't be any other visitors. Don't be afraid to start a discussion and consider taking biscuits or sweets when folks unavoidably start to offer you din. The Yangon has a good name for not having night life, so we were really amazed when we went down to Chinatown's 19 th district on our first night and found that after nightfall we went to the city.

There are barbecued bars all along the road, each of which serves every kind of meats, shellfish and skewers of vegetables you could wish for along with less expensive draught beers. All of the desks are outside the road seating, ideal for those who watch. It starts between 10pm and 11pm, so it's certainly still an early afternoon, but it gives you something funny (and tasty and cheap) to do in Yangon at nights, considering that many nearby roads are long closed when this lane is in full use.

Dining area is the 19. road between Mahabandoola and Anawrahta. is Shwe Mingalabar. A lot of folks say that a visit to Yangon these day is a little like a journey back in history, and although we wish we could be more inventive, it's a great way to describe it.

You' ll sense it when you are sitting in a teahouse, and you will sense it in a million small parts of the town, where wifi and tech stop existing and sobriety prevails. The Pansodan Street, known for pedestrian sale of inexpensive literature, is our favourite place to forget what year it is.

You' ll find used second-hand literature on every topic, from Burma cookery textbooks and paperbacks on Aung San Suu Kyi's life, to copies of the latest Lonely Planet Myanmar, often for less than a buck. Aung San Market is a well-known road, because something was built on Pansodan, but you can still find many traders here and in the area.

The Bogyoke Aung San Market is another of Yangon's favourite attractions. It is a roofed inner part of the Bogyoke Aung San Market, usually one of the first stations on a sightseeing tour. This is one of the few places where you can buy and ship them in Yangon (the postal service is on top!).

Somebody tells us that Yangon has over 1,000 Buddha Schools. Since then we have not been able to find a number on-line, but when you go through the former capitol of the pious Buddha School, you will see enough convents to believe it. While the Sule is an important view, we were in the temples a little after seeing the entire Shwedagon area.

However, the Sule Pagode is regarded as the centre of Yangon and therefore has so much charisma in all directions that it is definitely recommended to explore it before or after visiting the Sule. Located in the centre of a roundabout, Sule takes you on a tour of the diverse Yangon religion and some of the city's most important administrative complex.

On one side you see the Emmanuel Baptist Church (one of the oldest in Yangon) and on the other side the Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque (built in the typically Muslim way with detailled minarets). As you circumnavigate, you will also see the rust-coloured former Myanmar Supreme Court, the magnificent City Hall (a merger of UK and Burma architecture) and the luxuriant Mahabandoola Park and Independence Monument.

The Sule Pagoda is the centre of the town and is encircled by some of Yangon's best Sites. But frankly, our favourite Yangon memorabilia were the times between visits to favourite places where we got an insight into the everyday lives of the people.

The Yangon has made a wonderful, lively mess, and certain areas have really made us wander for horsedown. On Sule Pagoda you descend Mahabandoola St towards Chinatown and you will see a never-ending riot of outdoor groceries, hawkers who sell casual objects such as mobile bags and cosmetics, and many small teahouses to get into.

Go a little further down to Chinatown, where the roads change, each doorway starts with reddish arches and many peddlers who sell refreshments or products. This area remains open at nights to sell the latest cuisine. Head to Anawrahta Road (for example between Sule Paya Road and Lanma Daw Street) and see the epicentre of Yangon's India cultur.

At Sule Pagoda, head eastwards on Mahabandoola St towards the Town Council. On the Mahabandoola or Anawrahta Road past Pansodan. Here you will find more marketplaces, more eating out and many cafes and bars (some more sophisticated choices offered by the eastern side of these streets).

This area has more shadows, and there are stands that stay busy all morning and throughout the nights, as well as a good selection of small stores that sell everything under the candles. A few other activities in Yangon are a visit to Kandawgyi Lake, Inya Lake, Sule Pagoda or a drinks at the classical beach hotel.

Discover Yangon for a few nights and you will see why it is such a singular traveler' s stop. Traveling to Yangon will be an unbelievable voyage into Myanmar locality that you won't find anywhere else.

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