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Yangon Myanmar tourist town

Were you in Yangon, Myanmar? I like Yangon when you neglect it. BURMA (MYANMAR) TOURISM AND CULTURE. If you are flying from Yangon to Heho, the nearest airport to the lake, is the most comfortable way. It is also a famous destination in Hpa An, Myanmar.

of Yangon, Myanmar 5 Hidden Gems

It is a commentary by Karen Bortvedt, a girlfriend and intended traveller, with hints from her last journey to Myanmar. Myanmar is one of the places many travelers in Southeast Asia want to see because it is still a relatively new traveler' s paradise in the face of changing governance.

Whilst guides and travellers' blog are getting better, these are a few raw stones not to be overlooked. This Htwe Oo puppet show will knock you out. Do you know that Myanmar marionettes are the only marionettes that are gender-specific? Apparently Myanmar has a long puppeteering story.

In the past, shows used to take place in the couples for a whole night during the big festivals. Mr. Htwe and his woman, Mrs. Oo, have organized an unbelievable show with their family. They have been awarded in several prestigious contests. Dolls in shimmering outfits seem to break free from their threads as they swirl, spin and spin around the scene.

Htwe Oo Show is hidden in your middle neighbourhood on the second storey of a house. You will be performing twice a daily and you must make an appointment in advanced, as the shows will take place in Mr. Htwe's sitting-room. Your cabbie can' t find the place, just call him.

Or you can employ a chauffeur who knows the place. Mr. Zaw is probably the shiniest gem we've seen on our journey. As a result of catastrophes, our intentions to dare outside Yangon were reorganized so that we had to fill more empty spaces and were uncertain what to do. So we asked the people from the tourist industry, who had a lot of good idea, a lot of travelling and a lot of cash.

Then when we drove to the Htwe Oo Puppet Show, our cabbie let us out on the main street near our alleged destination - but it wasn't the right place. One of the other cab drivers stopped and asked if we needed help, in excellent English. THE BEST MOVEMENT OF THE JOURNEY.

It was not only that we would never have found the puppeteering without him, Mr. Zaw proved to be the best leader we could have imagined. It was full of inspiration and ready to tell all sorts of delicacies about Myanmar's cultures and customs. Formerly working in Singapore, he now runs and runs his own cab services because he was not so far away from his family.

While all Myanmar travel books must obviously be approved by the Myanmar authorities, if your cabbie is your boyfriend and rides on your adventure, that's just a boyfriend showing his land to a boyfriend. Definitely call him (094-50-01-67-59) if you want a great and knowledgeable drive.

It' one of the great delicacies our loyal cabbie shares. National Races Village is a multicultural acres with large tribal style homes in Myanmar. At only 3,000 kyats you can see how the Kachin, Shin, Kayin and more are living their everyday lives.

Ethnic clothes are exhibited together with cookware and other everyday items. Do you know that Yangon still has a cable company? How did a Christian missionary in one of the many battles with the British negotiated for Myanmar? Yangon, for a new tourist, is mythical because of all the old outbuildings.

This free walk also includes a free Yangon newsletters with useful hints in and around Yangon. This 200-k yat round trip allows you to see the Yangon buzzing every day. However, this is probably one of the most adventitious tourist activity you will ever have.

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