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Myanmar Tourist Sights

Founded by King Alaungpaya at the side of a small village called Dagon. In the morning, Tourist Balloon flies over a pagoda in Bagan. Packed with temples, stupas and pagodas, Bagan is one of the most important tourist attractions in Myanmar. Ancient Bagan and its surroundings make it archaeological. Discover the city and its glittering pagodas on a guided tour, either by bike or on foot.

Myanmar's Top 10 Tourist Attractions

These are the top 10 touristic attractions in Myanmar, although this can differ due to different moderators. Like the? The Sandoway Resort first opened in 1999, when the banks of Ngapali Beach were still unexplored. Yangon Office Address: No. 201, Bo Myat Htun Road, Botataung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

SkylakeInle Resort is the ideal place for those who want to get away from the busy and busy city environment and dive into the outdoors. Located in the centre of Lake Inle, it is difficult to withstand the enchantment of the Inle Lake during your stay at SkylakeInle Resort.

Close to Mine Thauk Village, Inle, NyaungShwe, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Are you looking for a Yangon? or Bagan hotels? Our company is based on the principles of Myanmar's best service and the satisfaction of our clients. One of Myanmar's leading tourist companies. No 34/H, Ahlanpya Pagoda Road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, in front of the Park Royal Hôtel, Yangon 11221.

Myanmar. such as antiquity, culture areas, the country's heritage, 135 types of ethnical groups and their life. Burma is rich in blessings with a multitude of geographic characteristics; woods, hills, mountains, mountainous areas, streams, beaches, etc..... all remarkably appealing in their own way. No. 206/207, 2nd floor, Olympic Tower, corner Mahabandoola Rd & Bo Aung Kyaw St, Kyauk-ta-da TownshipYangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Top 15 Tourist Attractions

One of Myanmar's most important touristic sites is Shwedagon Pagoda. In Shwedagon there are smaller palagodas and gazebos devoted to various Buddha Schools. Bagan was an old kingdom that was in charge of temple construction between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. Indeed, this early civilization built no less than 10,000 shrines, convents and palagodas in the relatively small area of Bagan.

It is by far one of the best touristic places in Myanmar and one of the most frequented places in the state. Hire an e-bike at a very affordable rate and discover the ruined temple on your own. Observing the sun rise or set over these old sanctuaries is a real eye-catcher for every visitor.

When you' re not traveling on a low cost, you can take a ballooning trip to see the temple and scenery below. a mkk 25000 ($20) entry charge to the Old Bagan Archaeology Area. It is the biggest sea in Myanmar and another of Burma's major tourism destinations.

Different acitivities includes a cruise around a swimming fair and a tour of the near temple and cloisters. One of Myanmar's best tourist attractions, Inle Lake is full of cultural attractions. If you come to see us, you will see various christenings corresponding to the day of the astrology fortnight.

Now, she is a celebrity in Myanmar's evolution and her dad, General Aung San, has been instrumental in gaining Burma citizenship of the British. One of Myanmar’ best places to visit is for those who enjoy the city. Everybody all over the globe probably heared the name Mandalay Palace.

However, you may not know that this was once the home of the last Burmese kingdom before Britain's colonialist regime. This is why the Mandalay Royal Palace is one of the most important touristic places in Burma. Arriving in Mandalay, the castle is located in the center of the town, encircled by a huge ditch that extends for 2 km on each of its four sides.

Observing the dawn or dusk over the Mandalay Palace wall is an memorable time. With an altitude of 236 meters, Mandalay is one of the most sacred places in Mandalay. There are several marshes, convents and sacred pictures on the side of the hills. Climb the stairs to get to the best travelers overlooking the town and Mandalay Palace.

Tourism tends to say that this is one of Burma's most important rides in Mandalay. When you ascend the mound, you will see several Buddha pictures and palagodas. A number of abbeys are here practicing their English with foreigners. The Shan State is not usually ranked among the top 10 Myanmar tourism destinations.

But the area, which you can access from Lake Inle, has gentle slopes and many possibilities for walking and trekking. Kalaw is one of the best places to go and you can book a trek away from the temple for a different time. It is one of the best places in Myanmar for anyone who enjoys nature.

The Karaweik Palace is a large gold cargo boat that also serves as a functional center and the Kandawgyi Sea in Yangon. It is an outstanding characteristic that predominates the pond and is therefore perfectly suited for photography. It will certainly be one of the high points of any journey to Myanmar. Please see the Karaweik Palace website for more information and reservations.

And Amarapura is another of Myanmar's attractions. It was once the capitol of the Burmese kingdom before it was transferred to Mandalay. There' s a lot to do in this small town, which includes a visit to the U Bein Bridge that stretches across Taungthaman Sea. It is a great place to watch the sun rise or set.

They can also enjoy sitting on the shore of the water and watching the local people paddling by on their canoes. For more than a hundred years, the Brits reigned in Myanmar. As a matter of fact, you may not know that Burma was the old UK name for the state. It has the highest number of settlements in Southeast Asia.

In this way, the colorful building has been retained, making it one of the most interesting places in Myanmar to know about the colorful city. Nearly none of the sights in Myanmar is Naypyidaw, but it should be on your schedule to see if you have enough or not.

It is a cosmopolitan metropolis, unlike any other large metropolis in the canyon. It is a fully developed town with good streets, infrastructures and everything you would like from a contemporary town. The new town was erected under secret conditions under the army régime. Among the main sights are a visit to the huge parliamentary buildings, a few hour visit to the zoo and an empty 20-lane motorway.

Iwa is another former Burmese kingdom capitol near Mandalay. During the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries, a disastrous quake devastated most of the town and was later relocated to Amarapura. Today you can see the ancient pagoda remains and a large convent made of tea wood, in which still today a number of friars take part.

It is regarded as the Olympus of Myanmar and is a very sacred place. People generally associates a journey to Myanmar with a pagoda or temple. There are a number of sights in Myanmar to see and do. Among the top events are the exotic of the gold couples and the exploration of the old temple.

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