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U.S. traveler dies at Myanmar Sanctuary, Asia News

Rangoon - A 20-year-old US traveler died trying to watch the sun set from a 20-foot couch in Myanmar's former capitol Bagan, the administration said on Wednesday (November 8). Passengers, identifies as Cassandra Braun, "accidentally dropped from the Baganagoda..... in search of the 4:30 p.m. sundown on November 7," the Interior Department said.

It is a great sadness to be able to say with the St. Edward's Fellowship that the SEU-scholar Kassandra Braun has died..... Burma has tried in vain to stop visitors from climbing up Bagan's temple to see the sunset over its huge plains with more than 2,000 Tibetan Buddha Schools. By 2016, the government tried to limit the day-to-day temple to five major ones, noting the need to maintain the temple and safeguard the security of the tourist.

However, travelers still romp around in many smaller Bagan facilities, such as the 20-foot 20-foot Wuttanathaw from which Braun overthrew. One of Myanmar's most revered places of worship, Bagan is a major tourist destination for its expanding tourist industries.

On the brink of becoming an important destination in Myanmar.

Davei is ready to become the next attraction for overseas visitors to the nation once the motorway through Thailand's Htee Khee crossroads is ready, said U Thawdar Nyunt, CEO of Elegant Myanmar Travel and Tours of the Myanmar Times. The Thawdar Nyunt said up to one million Thai visitors could come to Dawei to explore its fine sandy beach and islets, pristine forest and other ecotourism spots.

From Bangkok via Kanchanaburi through the Htee Khee checkpoint, Dawei is not far. In comparison to Myeik and Kawthaung in the Tanintharyi area, it is the closest town in Yangon, which makes it one of the main reason Thai tourist could pick it as their first stop before going to the country's trading capitol.

The journey from Yangon to Dawei by expressbus lasts about 11 hrs, from Dawei to Myeik another 8 hrs and the onward journey to Kawthaoung 14 hrs. More than in the past years, local travelers like the Tanintharyi region, especially Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung, to see the wonderful, varied Myeik-Archipels.

"We' re proposing a new daily cruising plan via Mergui Princess cruise that will travel at least four Dawei island, which will be designed as tourism areas," he said. The Mergui Princess Travel offers the Myeik Travel packages in Kawthaung. Now they have been expanded as a daily trip to Dawei to draw inland travelers through lower rates.

Daily cruises are restricted to 20 persons and comprise lunches, air-conditioned car services from your accommodation to the harbour, kayak gear, snorkeling and sport angling. Dawei leaves around 8am and will return to town at 6pm, said U Thawdar Nyunt. Cruises stop at the famous Tizit Beach on Pae Sin Island and Shan Maw Beach on Kyun Sin Yae Island.

Packages cost K55,000 for locals and US$65 (K87,000) for overseas. Grand Lotus Tours CEO U Kyaw Swa Min, and Tanintharyi Tourist Development Committee Secretariat, said 65 per cent of domestic and international travelers choose to go to the beaches, 30 per cent favour eco-tourism and only 5 per cent go on pilgrimage.

The Tanintharyi Hotel and Tourism Department reports that more than 330,000 people crossed the frontier in 2016.

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