Tourist Sites in Myanmar

Myanmar Tourist Sights

Burma is expanding its tourism infrastructure, but there is still some information to learn to make your trip more enjoyable. The villages have become an important tourist attraction for hikers who can stay in Kyaing-Tong for at least two or three days. 15 main cultural activities Search the hotel, guesthouse and one-of-a-kind houses and make your reservations on the world's premier accommodations sites. Myanmar, which has been open to the West since the beginning of the twentieth centuries, is attracting more and more tourists with its gold-plated couples and lavishly adorned churches. People looking for a sunny and sandy holiday on Myanmar's many secluded shores, perfect to escape the contemporary life and relax with a sunbath and a read.

Myanmar's well-rounded route also offers some relaxing leisure pursuits such as sipping a cup of coffee in a cosy tee house, eating a savoury dinner in a familiar restaurant and lingering in a centuries-old buddhistic christen. Burma's in Asia. You can use our Myanmar Travel Scheduler to organize your Myanmar tour and any other destination you like in Myanmar.

Myanmar's tourist attractions are truly magnificent.

Myanmar is a wonderful place to be visited, a mystical country with holy shrines, gold palagodas, transient scenery, singular cultures and enchanting inhabitants. However many places you've seen, Myanmar can come as a pleasant surprise. Myanmar. Here is a listing of the best tourist sites in Myanmar. Myanmar's capitol was relocated to Naypyidaw in 2005, but Yangon is still the country's biggest urban and commercial centre.

Yangon is a very eccentric town, with the friars in their garments, men in sarongs, countless couples and Buddhist sculptures. It' also a little bit chaotically and chaotically. Shwedagon Golden Temple, the city's greatest asset, overlooks the centre and can be seen from almost everywhere in Yangon.

Its name is no coincidence - Shwedagon is indeed gold, radiant and amazing. It is said that the place where Shwedagon is located was already sanctified long before the construction of the shrine and not only before the whole earth as we know it. As Myanmar's most important Buddhist centre, it is a meeting place for international travellers and visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar.

Packed with monasteries, Stupa and Pagoda, Bagan is one of the most important tourist destinations in Myanmar. Bagan's archaeological area and its surroundings are littered with sacral structures, each of which is important in Buddhism. It is a scenic and magic area with the Ayeyarwady River, the hills that can be seen to the east and the wonderful mystical shrines.

Though Bagan is becoming a tourist destination, it is more of a serene area. The Golden Rock is located in the small village of Kyaikhto, which balances over a rock. There are pilgrims from all over Myanmar.

It may be a little hard to reach the cliff, some hikes and climbs are necessary, but it does not put off either the travellers or the people. While men are permitted to walk on the rocks, they can only see them from afar. A 116-kilometer stretch of fresh water, it is still flanked by swimming pools and towns erected on pontoons, blurring its boundaries.

Fishers are rowing the boat with their feet (it is a singular, tradional Inle technique), the garden is full of different kinds of plant like sprouts or tomato, vegetable plots are floating on the lakes inle. Surrounding the beautiful lakeside setting is one of a kind, charming and a little outlandish.

Mandalay is the last remaining imperial capitol of Myanmar to lie around the King's Palace. As a rule, it is the starting point for daily excursions to near tourist places in Myanmar, but the town itself also merits some interest. The Maha Myat Muni Paya is a place of worship, lavishly adorned and loved by people.

There is also the lovely Maha Myat Muni Paya Convent made of tea-tree. Concerning the brief excursions, you can visit Mandalay Hill, its churches and palagodas from the town.

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