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Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the country's various prepaid SIM providers: With Myanmar increasingly becoming a tourist destination, the country's telcos have begun selling SIM cards to foreign visitors. The Internet in Myanmar is very slow. To use this service, you must purchase a Myanmar SIM card. Oordedo is the most popular network operator for tourists.

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Visit Myanmar? Telenor Myanmar keeps you in touch with its best value for money and first-class caller experience. Telenor Tourist SIM gives you instant Wi-Fi connectivity to the biggest 4G net in the UK, allowing you to make and receive phone and mobile phone deals to keep your friends and family up to date.

You can now charge a multiple of 1000 to E-Load from any point of sale. Electro-charging is possible from 1000 MMK to 100,000 MMK. The Telenor Toursit SIM was launched at Yangon International Airport on 28 November 2016 and can also be purchased at Mandalay & Naypyitaw International Airports.

Tourist SIM costs 15,000 MMK (including taxes) and contains the following services;

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

Where do I put the scale in the SIM car? Once activated, the 5,000 Ks credit and 1.5 GB web space are available for use. How can I buy the MPT Tourist SIM Cards? The Yangon International Airports, important tourist and hotel sites in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Bagan and Inle.

To find the closest branch, call 106 from an MPS number or 01-2399106 for any other Myanmar number. When will my SIM be disabled if I don't recharge? When no recharging is performed, the SIM is disabled 90 day after the expiration date. Can I still use the web if my 1.5 GB is used up before the 10 day period is up?

Once the 1.5 GB is used up, your use of the web is deducted from your available credit (pay as you go). When no credit is available, please top up to use our payments as you go-service. Can I use my SIM when I return to Myanmar?

Yes, within 90 day after expiry of the period of time.

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