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Thailand tourist resorts

This is Sevensa Resort Koh Kradan, Thailand. Thailand's capital, Bangkok is the gateway to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, tourist attractions and excellent accommodation. You can visit so many places in Thailand, from glittering temples, bustling night markets, white sandy beaches, amazing restaurants with delicious food. There are other things to keep in mind: The Phuket is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Thailand.

Thailand-Holiday | Top 7 Beach Resorts in Thailand

Throughout Thailand, it always keeps its promises: an escapist and an extravagant holiday. Maturity travelers now get a great piece of luxurious at a very affordable rate. On all sides of the islands you will find great Thai seaside resorts, most of which offer a remote sandy beaches and an elegant, rotten ambience.

Get out of the sands and Ko Chang's special charm lies in its jagged jungles, a place for daily excursions into the sparkling outdoors. Here you will find some of the most scenic sands in the whole wide range, many of which are bordered by luxurious Thai shores. Please note, however, that the small dimensions of Ko Samet mean that the seaside resorts here can be very lively, especially in the high seasons (July - August and December - January).

Ko Samui's impressive sandy beach was once the sole meeting place for young travelers in Southeast Asia. It is a large and tranquil place, which means that your Thai vacation probably has little to offer, but it absorbs the heat and enjoys the exotic. But Ko Lanta Yai is not only about the beach.

Enhance your Thai vacation with a little bit of flavor by taking a trek with elephants or excursions to the island's stunning canyon. The city of Krabi is actually on the coast, but the West Railay beach is easy to compete with those off the coast. Enclosed by whitewashed sand banks and uninhabitated isles, Ko Lipe is one of Thailand's best mysteries.

It is incredibly quiet, with no vehicles on the isle and only a few of Thailand’ most of them above the shallows of saphire. However, you don't want to do much when you can select from four beautiful shores.

Thailand's Top 10 Beachside Hotel and Accommodation with Travel Budgets

Whilst the neighbouring Samui and Phangan Golf Isles have long attracted beach-loving travelers, the smaller Koh Tao has recently become one of Thailand's most important travel spots. However, much of this small islet still has a quiet excursion ambience, and the choice of places to enjoy this ambience is the Sai Thong, the only place on the minute Sai Nuan Stran.

Guests are unbelievably kind, the dining is superb and the view of the almost secluded sandy shore and a huge promontory covered with boulders. Along the Andaman Sea coastline, just to the South of Krabi Town, the scenery changes into a mixture of mangrove and enchanting islets. Koh Lanta is the biggest of them, justifiably famous for its close dive spots and long, spacious sandy shores that drop smoothly into the hot Andaman Sea.

Some of the best is located in the relaxing bay, where the eponymous residence is located, a francophone company with a number of remote and cosy wood cottages on the beach and large canopies. This is the kind of place where you can stay longer than expected, thanks to the almost familiar and pleasant services, the real Thai cuisine - even the menus in France are not too poor - and the reassuring and relaxing atmoshere.

North of the Andaman seaside of Thailand lies the Burma Peninsula and Ranong. It is a two-hour cruise to Phayam Isle, renowned for its cashews and beautiful sandy shores; in fact, Phayam may be the only place in the world where you can have a full lunar sand festival and an Annual Miss Kashew Nut Competion.

Drive to Ao Yai or Big Beach, a 3km long sandy beach just to the West of Phayam where you will find bamboo bungalows. You will find kayak and snorkeling gear and the local bakery, which often makes its own food, is considered one of the best on the isle. If you want to spend a longer period on Phayam you can hire a whole home at Koh Phayam Sanctuary from just over 200 per months.

To watch the sunrise or sunset over the Phang Nga Gulf, one of the most breathtaking places of interest in Thailand. Yao Noi is situated in the centre of the cove, the ideal place to let the day fade away and get some suntan.

There is also an award-winning home cooking program run by native fishers on the archipelago, and the opportunity to live with one of the homestays gives you an idea of a way of living that the people of the archipelago are very proud of. You will also find that your home offers you never-ending festivities with rich shellfish and takes you on daily excursions to secluded hidden isles.

Samet, off the eastern Thai coastline, four hours from Bangkok by car, is a notorious holiday city. There are picturesque sandy coastlines with one cove after the other along the eastern shore of Samet. The further down you go southwards, the calmer it gets until you arrive directly at the Nimmanoradee Resort at the tip of the peninsula.

Sweet shingle cottages are spread out on cliffs and amidst thickets, all with ocean view, and a privately owned sand shore is just a stone's throw away. Prachuap Khiri Khan is a pleasant fisher village six in the Gulf of Thailand, six long minutes from Bangkok. Situated on a beautiful cove with a boardwalk, Prachuap has never really fallen for the tourist industry and has therefore retained much of the groundy Thai charme.

Ao Manao's nearest Ao Manao beaches, about 2km from the city (a tuk-tuk brings you for 1), where you will find an unspoilt sandy shore lined with tree-lined, tranquil water. The Manao (which in Thai means lime) is placed on a low-key airbase, where you have to show your pass at the front door.

However, don't let this put you off: the basis protects the beaches from builders and houses a small settlement of sweet languraffen and tens of inexpensive and exquisite shellfish stands. Ao Manao is nowhere to sleep, but the Sun Beaches Guesthouse on the promenade of Prachuap has a swimmingpool, a balcony with a view of the ocean and beautiful sundown.

At the remote edge of the east coastline is Koh Chang Nationalpark, where you will find about 50 small isles on an area of 650 kmĀ². In the center is the Koh Chang Isle itself, with 700 meters high mountains, luxuriant jungles and a number of excellent sandy shores to the west.

The mangrove is very reserved and of course, with many wooden beds and cushioned patios around the area. It can be a little narrower at high water, but the ambience of complete relax and very accessible remoteness more than balances that. Approximately one hours from Phuket, the Andaman Sea coastline extends into a long line of pristine sandy shores and the Khao Lak NP.

Out of the many superb mid-range and luxurious resorts here, Kantary is one of the best and also a good option for the family. Modern design rooms are solid - each with a private lounge, daybed, mini-galley, and terrace - but amazingly inexpensive, while the 11km long palm-fringed sandy beaches overlooked by the rooms is ideal for lazy tropic laziness.

It offers great shellfish and tasty food, a children's playground, a large swimming pools and also hires out small boats and small canoes. The majority of Krabi's Andaman coast tourists go directly to the meatpots of Phi Phi Phi or to the bustling Ao Nang beach - and have probably never even seen the near-by Jum Isle.

This is not the postcards perfection of sandy beach you'll find elsewhere, but the charms lie in the natives of Chao Ley (Sea Gypsy), the dense jungles and the weirdness. Featuring awe-inspiring nutrition, a welcome as kind as you'll find anywhere, plus enough Hammocks and large cozy pillows for the value of a lazy life time and you should be aptly enchanted.

Formerly home to marauders and imprisoned politicians, Tarutao, at the south end of the Andaman coastline of Thailand, is now one of the most highly defended natural parc. Its interior is full of dense jungles and all kinds of animals, as well as serpents and apes, and its shores are spectacular. With regard to accommodation and food this shelter keeps things on a plain but reasonable standard and on all our beach is the only option to choose single nationwide bungalow, with minimum power and cool watermel.

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