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Guide to Thailand

Guidebook for beginners. In Southeast Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Myanmar. Diving lessons - Discover a new world. Chiang Mai Shopping: Your indispensable guide to the city's night markets. Choose experts for your Thailand vacation, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, top attractions and more.

Thailand travel guide for beginners

Wellcome to the ultimative big, bold Thailand facts database! Humans: Get away from the UK at its parking lot and head to Thailand between November and February for rainy, sunshine and occasional chilly afternoons. There are also the notorious Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan. Usual Thai hospital and clinic facilities do not always meet British quality requirements.

The dengue temperature is increasing in Thailand. Thailand has an outbreak of HIV/AIDS. All cheap (ish), available and reasonable in Thailand: web, e-mail, landline, mobile and mail. This is because Thailand is one of the most inexpensive and best places to go underwater. You can get your PADI Open Water certification for less than 150 from many resorts, which include four nights of practice and scuba and your entire set.

If you' d rather be sitting with the crowd than at the front with the tourist who complain about spattering their Ralph Lauren, buy one of the less expensive passes. In 1999, this buddhistic sanctuary in the Thai Kanchanaburi provinces began receiving orphans. This is because you get an impression of Thailand's historical country lifestyle.

Living a largely traditionally living way founded on sub-sistence agriculture, the Indians make a few additional bobsleds by offering special accommodations for groups of hikers. This is because Thailand's Isles are a legend place to relax. Get a seaside cabin (for a few pounds a night), a beach cottage, a Hammock, then chill out and snorkel your day and enjoy your evenings in a seaside pub.

Samui Koh is ideal for celebrating, Phangan has the full moon parties and Tao Koh is a diving wonder. This fairytale-like decorated, gold building was once the home of Thailand's sovereign and state. Hit the luminous color, take a dubious alcohol filled gold fish dish and shake your gear with 10,000 other enthusiasts on the sand of Haad Rin, the capitol of the island's night life.

Up to one weeks before the main show, the full moon celebration begins. Beach clubs are playing 24 hours of live tunes, DJ' turn warm-up kits and everyone comes into the full moon ghost. Please be aware that the place will be hit a few nights before the big celebration, so you have to reserve your accomodation in advance.

This full lunar celebration takes place every months (surprisingly on the night before the full moon). 12 large soundsystems run all over the beaches, so you probably can't miss where the partys are. A full moons night means dinner dance, fire-eaters, cricketers, candle-lined promenades, swimming at night, lots of booze and backpack tourists from all over the world who come together to shaking their moneymakers.

We also have Half moon and Black moon events in case you miss the major one. 1 ) Please be respectful of the lovely Koh Phangan Isle. Evil men also go to full-breasted lunar dinners. Keep your guard up. 4 ) If you have drunk, keep away from the seas. 6 ) Often the hostel requires a 3 nights accommodation at least around the full moons party so try to get there as early as possible.

"The full moon party finally came and when it was nightfall we began to decorate our body with fluorescent color. It may sound kitschy, but it works on a full moon! Must have been two or three time as many folks as on warm-up night. Dance on desks and stage or wherever there was space followed and I had the craziest evening of my Iife.

"Thailand's climax was of course the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. "and that was good advice: Though Haad Rin never calms down, the beaches are filthy and men pee into the ocean all dark instead of using the WC.

It' also costly around full moon and I listened to many accounts of burglary and burglary. So I could pass my time in a Hamburg hammock on the shore and spent my nights in Haad Rin. During the full moon party I found that you can put 19 persons in a Toyota pick-up (although I was reassured that we didn't try very much and that you can even get close to 25 persons).

"We were in Haad Rin for the evenings before the full moon party and had a great laugh, danced on the sand, drank pails and met a lot of folks. During the FMP we met several different individuals we had talked to in the past few days, and the ambience was just lively with kindness and everyone who wanted to have a good quality of life.

On Saturday evening more persons were on the road: It was in full operation around 23 o'clock, where it really started at 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock in the morning in the past not until. At the end of the day, it doesn't really make any difference if you move up and down on the shore to see and follow friends, etc.

Sitting on the provided mat outside the bar until it really starts and everyone dances in every available room, and then you'll probably get punched in the face! I' d recommend that you keep away from the widespread narcotics the cops are patrolling and will be arresting you.

Besides, I spend part of my night looking after a fungus and all it could really do was giggle - when it got dull, I took it along to see fire dancer as vengeance, but seriously I was worried: there are so many folks and the ocean is enticing when you're on dope and if you get strayed or loose a member of your group, it can spoil the night.

When I was 14 years old, when I spent a vacation with my whole Egyptian extended vacation with my whole host families, I learned to scuba diving, but since then I had always found the game quite unapproachable. You' ll be able to teach yourself to scuba diving and you' ll be adding a whole new level to your journey as you see new realms above and below it. Picture by kind permission of Corina SwanThe Koh Tao Islands off the eastern Thai coastline is perfect for those who want to improve their diving or - like me - brush up on their somewhat rusted aptitudes.

oh Tao has more scuba stores than I've ever seen in one place, so if you don't like the first place you come, try the other five down the street. For example, if you take the PADI Open Water Diver course (usually the first stage of diving), you will receive free lodging and breakfasts for three to five nights.

If you are already an experienced scuba divers, you will get half board on the day you go diving or take other scuba diving classes. Each course is offered in a wide range of different language combinations, as we are an internationally recognized educational organization, which means your qualifications are recognized everywhere. There will be some theoretical content to your course, and most resort facilities have classroom for video and lecture.... but don't be afraid, it's nothing like class!

The best dives I've made by far were at noon. Sinking into darkness with a small flare to show me the way was a frightening suggestion, but it was really rewarding to see the sunset out. It is also one of the few places in the world where you can go diving with the largest sea creature, the 18 feet long Whaleshark (don't be afraid, it only eats plankton!).

When you want to see these soft giant, you should go to Thailand between February and June.

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