Tourist Attractions in Myanmar Burma

Myanmar Burma Tourist Attractions

Where to Stay Book your tickets online for the most important activities in Myanmar on TripAdvisor: It is the largest lake in Myanmar and another of Burma's major tourist attractions. Shwedagon is the most important pagoda and stupa in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma). The most visited places in Myanmar[Burma]. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Myeik.

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Burma is a land full of historical, cultural, customs and traditions. There are also a number of tourist attractions, with many more unfamiliar and still unexplored tourist attractions. Much of Myanmar's favourite tourist attractions are known around the globe and mirror the country's wealthy intellectual and worship activities.

PagodeRanked Shwedagon as the holiest of all Buddhist places in Burma. A good place on the Myanmar trip to see the wonderful sunset: Sule Pagode (Sule Paya )A 2,000 year old gold sanctuary. The Shwezigon Pagoda is the most important sanctuary of Bagan and the ideal place for the pilgrims.

Kuthtatgyi NagodeA well-known Yangon Nagode known for its huge 65-meter-long Buddha picture Kuthodaw NagodeA Buddha-painting, known as "the largest textbook in the world" with 15 Tripitaka titles. Kyaung ShwenandawAs such named Golden Palace Monday, is a historic convent in Burma architectureKyaiktiyo PagodaAs the third most important holy Buddha sanctuary in Myanmar known as Golden Rock Piago, the third most important Buddha sanctuary in Myanmar.Htilominlo TempleA in Bagan with four-seater Buddha sanctuary in four positions 150 ft high Buddha temples, known for the lavish casts.

Sanandaamuni PayaBuilt as a souvenir, owned by a group of slim, white-washed stupa. thatbyinnyu TempleBagan's highest shrine, constructed for two white-colored box-shaped floors, near Ananda Temple.Shwe Inn Dain Poroda RelicsA group of relic parlours with over 1000 pagod trees, situated on the west shore of Inle Lake. The Mahamuni PagodaOne of the most popular Buddha Schools and most important places of worship in Myanmar?Mingun PagodaAn enormous monuments in Mingun with a good view of the Hsinbyume and Mingun villages and the river Hsinbyume PagodaAn enormous plateau modelled on the Buddhaist mythology of Mount.

Meru.Phaung Daw Oo Pagodahe the most sacred place of the Inle Lake area, known for four old Buddha pictures.Pindaya CaveHousing three caverns, which consists of thousand of Buddha pictures on a lime stone ridge.Dhammayangyi TempelA solid, bricked -in Buddhistic template, the largest of all templates in Bagan. One of the most appealing and popular places to visit in Bagan, Sulamani TemplesKnown as the Crowning Jewel, Nanpaya TempleA Hindu- temples, known for its inner brickwork - sand-stone blocks over a tile center Payathon to Payathon to Payathon Buddhistic temple with three connected shrines known for the mural paintings of the thirteenth age.

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