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School of Tourism in Myanmar

at TRC Hotel & Vocational School. School of Tourism in Myanmar. Address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Yangon, Myanmar, The Golden East Travel & Tours. Kaw-Hmu, one of the outsider cities of Yangon City, Myanmar.

Hospitality and Tourism School

The Chindwin School of Hospitality is the newest department established in 2013 to provide HND in the field of HND in order to meet the growing demands of the Myanmar hotel and catering sector. Chindwin is however not without expertise in the education of community based community based hospitals. Chindwin's co-founder Mr Kyaw Ni Khin was the Managing Director of SCCD Summit Centre for Career Development, which was the only and only Summit Centre to provide City & Guild qualifications.

Chindwin College has brought the knowledge and skills of operating a highly effective HND Centre and established the School of Accommodation to implement a HND path with HND in HND management. In accordance with the HND principle, HND offers the right mixture of theory and practice in hotel management.

A highlight of HND's studies in hotel at Chindwin is the Quindwin System. In between the individual modules, they have to complete on-demand ( "OJT") trainings in a realistic setting in order to gain experiences in the Chindwin School of hospitality partners. It is our missions to create skilled professionals in the ever-expanding hotel business and to motivate and motivate our clients to become international hotel owners.

Vocational School, Myanmar Hotel Management School, TVET School Myanmar

As part of the National Skills Standard Authority of Myanmar & ASEAN Tourism Curriculums, our Competency Based Training Programmes are well organised to help preparing college graduates to advance in the hotel industry such as hotel, restaurant, caterer, fastfood, tourist agency and airline, resort, casino, spa, healthcare club, luxury liner, events planner, countryside club, sport club, tourism company, amusement park and leisure centre, Int'l hypermarket and supermarket in the wide area of the service industry.

Workers and those who want to join this growing, vibrant area will find certification programmes that will help them gain qualifications for a broad variety of possibilities throughout Myanmar and around the globe. You could get around the globe on a hospitable carrier. When you are up for an interesting and rewarding carreer, join the below listed hotel fitness trainings and begin to live your daydream!

These qualifications are suited both to students who are already working and to those who wish to start working in the hotel world. In this course basic competencies such as visitor assistance, social protection, occupational healthcare and social protection, welcoming, reservation and front offices, bookkeeping and telephony are taught. In addition, the employees of our after-sales services can perform their tasks more efficiently and thus create added value for the client.

These qualifications will show the capabilities and craftsmanship needed to work in home economics. It is suited both for students who are already working and for those who want to start in the hotel business. The course teaches basic techniques such as client service, healthcare and security, cleansing processes, textile maintenance, textile maintenance, decoration and furnishing, and shelters.

These qualifications are suited for both professionals and those who want to start working in the hotel business. Every training course builds on key competencies such as security, sanitation, customer support, desk services, drinks services, products know-how and payment-process. Then develop the professional abilities of the students such as Guéridon, Flame and Wine/Cocktail Supply.

Students receive a good level of cooking proficiency, which includes the basics of good cooking practice in a world-class cuisine. These qualifications are primarily targeted at the recreational sector and those who want to enhance their overall cuisine. Fundamental English language proficiency, incl. the fundamental basics for the global working world.

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