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Paris-based NGO Info Burma has published the attached report on tourism in Burma. This statement comes from the National League for Democracy and describes the current tourism policy in Burma. Prejudices from the history book fade, since more and more Thais visit their biggest neighbour. There is so much the United States of America has to offer. Articles on tourism in Burma written by James Cannon Boyce.

Articles | Report on Tourism in Burma

Burmese NGO Info, located in Paris, has released the accompanying Burmese tourist information bulletin. Your message is "not a call for a blackout, but for information as much as we can". Information on Burma raise people' s consciousness of the effects that the kind of tourist industry can have. Their purpose is "to give visitors the necessary instruments to be conscious of their responsibilities".

It' a very topical one. Especially info Burmanie's survey of no-go tourism areas and their listing of properties and airline companies with well-known official websites are very useful. About Burma has carried out very interesting research with a number of leading European tour operators on what kind of information tour operators offer travelers interested in touring.

They have also been very helpful with the listing of overseas travel agencies that offer (soon) trips to Burma. However, we must warn against some material mistakes in her work. "National League for Democracy (NLD) [....] is calling for a ban on massive tourism" - The NLD has not made this claim, not least because it is ambiguous (which exactly means "mass tourism")?

Rather, the NLD calls for the presence of socially conscious and conscientious visitors to the countryside and for visitors (mass or independent) to alleviate the adverse effects of the tourist industry by supporting companies that participate in efficient outcome programmes. "Tourist is one of the most profitable industries for Burma." In comparison with natural Gas, precious stones and trading with its Asiatic neighbors, the tourist industry is a relatively unimportant one.

By 2010, the travel industry made a loss, with a turnover of 198 million US$ and 254 million US$ in 2010. Derek Tonkin's Burmese travel industry analyses show that net profits were moderate for most tour operators, and after deducting interest on investments, taxes and write-downs, few companies, whether pensions, dining or hotel of global standing, have achieved a significant net income enough to pay a dividends on investments.

"Aung San Suu Kyi never said she was conducive to the tourist industry during all the years she was under detention." Do you see anything in alternate travel, i.e. small groups that are brief? I also think that visitors must be aware not to be deceived by themselves; if they want to see the land, they can find all kinds of reasons for it.

Here you can download the complete tourism report of Burma.

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