Tourism of Burma

Burma Tourism

Many tourists now want to visit Burma, not least because of recent political developments. Thailand tourists in Burma Since I was in Thai elementary schools, I have been hearing many old histories about our neighbour in the East. Unfortunately, most of them have depicted Burma in a bad perspective, and we have been trained to see it as Thailand's main antagonist. The pictures and bad histories I had taken about Burma vanished.

A lot of the Thai tourist I encountered share the same sentiments and said that their attitude had shifted after the visit to the state. Despite the "boycott Burma" campaign of some anti-government groups, more and more Thais than tourist or businessmen are coming to Burma to see what this is about.

The Thais came first among the international guests to Burma's inner city in 2005 and 2006. Approximately 16,647 Thais came to the country in 2005 and 19,747 in 2006, according to the Burmese Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. In 2006, the estimated number of international visits was more than 600,000, which includes cross-border daily excursions.

One of the causes of the increase in Thailand's tourist activity is low-budget airlines. Most of the Thailand tourist I encountered were middle-class travellers who used Thailand tourist agents to organize packages named Pilgrim' Stage. Burma's most popular tourist destination for Thailand is, not unexpectedly, Burma's big three:

Shedagon Pagoda, the famed Rangoon sanctuary; Pagan, home of the old temples and Inle and Pegu seas in Shan State. I' ve seen many Thais visit the Shwedagon Pagoda who were obviously struck by its splendour and atmoshere. Bangkok schoolteacher Wanida Thalong said that just to visit Shwedagon is a trip to Burma.

When we saw the Myanmar tribe praying in great numbers in Shwedagon, many of us Thais were admiring their dedication to Buddhism. The Thais know Pegu's old name, Hanthawaddy, the old capitol where King Bayintnaung reigned during the Ayutthaya Empire. Queen Bayintnaung, who established the Second Burma Empire, came to Ayutthaya and has close historic ties to Thailand.

One of the princesses of Thailand, Phra Supankanlaya, who was the daughter of King Naresuan of Thailand, became a wife of King Bayintnaung. You and your boy were murdered by a Bayintnaung boy. A lot of Thais believe that she now continues to live as a god. Due to this link, some Thailand tourist are visiting Pegu to show their appreciation and make a wish.

Bayinnaung's former home is Kambowzathadi Palace. Bangkok -based Thailand-based Panee Nanthawit said the classical novel Poo Chana Sib Tid (Conqueror of Ten Directions), a tale about King Bayintnaung, has been remembered since her youth. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Mon State, also known as The Golden Rock, attracts many Thais.

Mention was made of this illustrious coupé in the award-winning Thailand novel Chao Chan Pom Horm (Princess with Fragrant Hair), the tale of a Lanna princess who had a profound faith in the sanctity of the place and made a trip there. There were only a few visitors the first time I went to Kyaiktiyo.

One Thai business man from Bangkok tells me that his trip to the Golden Rock was a great time in his Iife. During the Buddhist Lenten period, a landlord of a Thai inn said tens of busses brought Thais to the dorm. Obviously, for many Asians and Westerners, the Burma trip is still a contentious one.

It gave me a personal deep insight into Burma. One Thai married couple from Nonthaburi, Thana and Nareerat Thumthong, who were in Burma for their second trip, said they thought that Thai natives rather than Myanmar were the source of prejudice and prejudice. "A lot of Thais' bad attitude towards the Myanmar tribe comes from the past," Thana said.

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