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Locate jobs in tourism in Myanmar now. Finding job offers in gastronomy & tourism? Working in Yangon (Rangoon) region/s. Talking here means that the guide has to be talkative, because this job is very related to speaking. Recreation & Tourism Myanmar Job Postings | Solutions for your staffing services.

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Develop capacities in the area' s workforce and communities by passing on your advertising and promotional expertise and contributing to sustainable changes through tourism..... Develop your linguistic capacities in the communities and communities by passing on your skills in German and making sustainable changes through tourism..... Help the work of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in the development of Myanmar's expanding tourism....sustainable beneficial changes through tourism in Myanmar.

Sales Manager(Inbound /Outbound Tour) Sales / Sales Management Services| Full Service Threats | Negotiated Services| Urgent Tasks Requirements - Degree in any area or tourism..... Volunteers will be teaching both basic and preparatory courses for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). During this internship you will create communication material that will enable the Cuso International Myanmar Countryside Programme Offices to continue their work with the.....

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To this end, we need highly skilled, seasoned and above all dedicated employees. A plant operator is a management person who supervises the manufacture of goods and/or the provision of a service. Its goal is to make sure that the organisation functions as smooth and efficient as possible and that the goods and/or service manufactured meets the needs of the customers.

A plant operator is a management person who supervises the manufacture of goods and/or the provision of a service. Its goal is to make sure that the organisation functions as smooth and efficient as possible and that the goods and/or service manufactured meets the needs of the customers.

Tourism-industry is still desperately looking for talents

Myanmar's tourism has grown strongly, but sector experts have argued that the absence of a level of education is an obstacle to providing good services. However, Myanmar's tourism sector continues to be one of the most important rays of hope of the 2011 reform of the economy.

There are new establishments and restuarants, and previously forbidden places have been opened. All of a sudden economic expansion has resulted in the creation of several thousand jobs in the hotel, tourism and catering industries. In Myanmar there has also been an increase in the number of professional colleges in recent years. These include everything from non-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations to free programs from non-governmental organizations.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, then a member of the National League for Democracy, opened the Hospitality and Catering Education School in her electoral district in Kawmhu Township, Yangon region in 2014. Opened as part of the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, whose name comes from the Aung San Suu Kyi family, the school offers a free six-month professional education program that involves a two-month placement in the school's own restaurants and guest houses or in a hostel or restauta.

Approximately half of the candidates come from Kawhmu and the remainder from other parts of Myanmar. Centres offer basic and intermediate programs in the fields of catering and cooking. "It' s my fantasy to be a chef," said Ma Myat Phoo Phoo San, 23, who comes from Yangon's North Okkalapa Township. Her HCTA education began in January after she was referred by a mate.

Classmate Ko Tharr Htet Shan, 18, also from Yangon, said he considers HCTA one of the best professional colleges in Myanmar and hopes that his education will help him to get a good work in the near term. Thau Zin Maung Maung said Frontier contacted former graduates six month after graduation and that on mean 90 per cent of former pupils are still working in tourism or catering.

However, there are certain setbacks for the operators of professional schooling. Myanmar's professional education system is new and many companies do not fully comprehend it. "Employer aspirations are too high," said U Aung San Kyaing, 49, coach at the Tourism and Hospitality Education Centre in the city of Yangon, run by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and backed by the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation.

It invited actors in the hotel and catering and tourism sectors to carry out a needs assessment so that school curricula can be adapted accordingly. The THTC offers a four-week education program, which cost 30,000 K, and has recently launched a six-month course, which involves a three-month internship and cost 105,000 K. In cooperation with the Tourism and Border Ministries, the Luxembourg office has also set up professional education centers in Pathein, Ayeyarwady region, and Pakokku, Magway region, which offer a six-month internship free of cost.

The Inle Heritage Foundation founded the Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Center at the much-loved travel resort of Inle Lake in Shan State in 2013. Every year, the center supports around 40 youngsters and provides them with training for work in the hotel and restaurant sector, one of the most important employer around the lakes.

According to the deputy director of the U Aung Phyoe Min. As Aung Phyoe Min said to Frontier, many in the Inle Lake area cannot allow themselves to go to Yangon or Mandalay to participate in workouts. "It' very costly for the Inle folks," he said.

It offers free workout programs lasting 10 consecutive weeks, which includes a one-month internship in Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan and other tourism locations throughout the state. Throughout the program, you will work in the centre's favourite restaurants. "Inle and beyond, the tourism and hotel and catering sector is experiencing a growth in labour force requirements, yet there is no quality assurance of personnel development," said Aung Phyoe Min, pointing out that a central concern is the fact that many young job seekers are travelling abroad.

Aung Phyoe Min added that another problem is the shortage of programs to support those who have left college. A goal of the Inle-Stiftung is it to motivate humans and in particular to think positive about a career in the catering trade and in the tourism.

Only a few VET centers in Myanmar provide programs lasting more than one year. The Center for Voccationalraining in Yangon, which provides three-year classes, is an exceptional case. The CVT program provides a two-tier education program inspiring Switzerland, a nation known for the excellence of its cuisine. While part of the program is face-to-face teaching, most of the education takes the shape of hands-on education at our partners' properties, of which there are about 50 in Yangon.

Sandar said that many shopkeepers were hesitant to put their personnel on education, in part because they were concerned that they would have to spend higher sums. That is one of the major causes of the high fluctuation in Myanmar's hotels and restaurants, she said. CVT set up a trainer-to-trainer program in 2015 to improve the overall internship experience.

"The National Standard Skills Authority exists, but the institute is fragile and only a small proportion of businesses and properties know it," she said, referencing a program set up by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in 2007. Mr Sandar endorsed the call for a central system of industrial credit.

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