Tourism in Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Tourism 2016

Arrivals to Myanmar Tourist at eye level with the Philippines in 2016? In December 2016, Myanmar's tourism revenues reached USD 2 billion, compared to USD 2 billion in the previous year. Loda, M., & al. (2016).

These statistics show the number of outbound trips as a percentage of the total number of households in Myanmar from 2013 to 2021. Published online: 09.12.2015.

Burma Tourism Research & Analysis 2016

Since 2010, several hundred thousand international visitors have been visiting Myanmar when relationships with the West defrosted and the state began to open up to the outside community. Whilst some are keen to see the wealthy cultures and legacy of the Southeast Asiatic people, others are just keen to see the once solitary land before it changes forever.

Simultaneously, the economy is broadening the local tourist industry as their economy is improving and they can discover their country's diverse tourist destination. 2016 was declared a "Visit Myanmar Year" by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and offers the state the possibility to intensify its internal publicity campaign to attract visitors.

Given the need for substantial capacities in hotels and new transportation infrastructures, the key challenges are to sustainably steer the development of the tourist industry so that all stakeholders can profit from it. Included in this section are interviewed U Yan Win, Chairman, Myanmar Tourist Federation; and Anders Aeroe, Director of Market Development, International Trade Centre.

In the Myanmar 2016 review.

2.9 million in the past year.

By 2016, there were approximately 2.9 million tourists arriving, approximately 1.5 million fewer than in 2015, said Minister of Hotels and Tourism Ohn Maung. It only registered tourists arriving on tourism, immigration and business visa. He said the decreasing figures are due to the fact that the minister ruled outlanders.

The daytrippers were not considered tourist, the ministers added. Ohn Maung added that the hotel and restaurant were full of visitors. He went on to say that the Department was working on a scheme for the Tanintharyi region to increase tourist attraction and participate in tourist shows in other states. In 2010 the total number of incoming passengers was 791,500, in 2011 816,400, in 2012 1,059,000, in 2013 2,044,300, in 2014 3,081,400 and in 2015 4.6 million.

During the first six of 2016, the nation has welcomed more than 1.9 million visitors and generated more than 900 million US dollars. During the same timeframe in 2015, the total was more than 2.1 million.

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