Tourism in Myanmar 2015

Myanmar Tourism 2015

However, the ministry predicted in March that at least six million tourists would travel to Myanmar in 2016. Myanmar Tourism Statistics 2015. Burma is a year-round destination. The hilly regions in the north and northeast enjoy cool, moderate weather. The Myanmar Census (preliminary results) 2014.

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The number of Myanmar tourists arriving in October rose from 242916 in September 2017 to 288029. Myanmar's average number of tourists arriving from 2012 to 2017 was 257365.32, peaking at an all-time high of 450541 in December 2015 and a peak of 125085 in December 2012. This enables customers to access tens of thousands of historical information, access our real-time business calendars, sign up for newsletters, and get currency, commodity, equity and bond prices.

The site provides the latest value for Myanmar Tourist Arrivals plus past publications, historic highs and lows, short-term and long-term forecasts, business calendars, poll consensuses and newscasts. The Myanmar Tourist Arrivals - current dates, historic map and publication schedule - was last revised in June 2018.

Burma Tourism Research & Analysis 2015

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism reported that the number of Myanmar's global participants in 2013 will double to 2 million in comparison to the prior year, with a 40% rise in the number of incoming guests in the first half of 2014 compared to the prior year. It is the government's hope to turn the short-term sector expansion into long-term benefit for the state.

During June 2013, the Department presented its Master Plan for Tourism, which concentrates on six key areas, among them the creation of HR, the creation of a range of quality goods and service and the creation of the Myanmar trademark as a travel destinations. It has been designed together with a law on ecotourism to promote the creation of sustainability in ecotourism throughout the country.

Myanmar's abundant nature and culture have the power to make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. In order to be able to withstand the pressures of the tourist industries on the country's infrastructures, extensive modernisation of the transportation and catering industries and the provision of general government amenities is necessary.

Included in this section are an interview with U Htay Aung, Minister of Hotels and Tourism; and Chali Sophonpanich, President, City Realty Company. Comes from Myanmar 2015 reports.

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