Tourism in Burma 2016

Burma Tourism 2016

From Kyaw Hsu Mon June 24, 2016. Replied May 24, 2016 - Author has 5. 6k replies and 6. Burma is slowly opening up to tourism. Sightseers are facing deportation from Burma for problematic tattooing.

E-book of the Ministry of Tourism 2016-17.

Myanmar's tourism is promising, but still has a long way to go.

When you float in a hot air balloon over the tranquil temple of Bagan, you will think that Myanmar is the one. However, there are challanges in relation to tourism facilities, housing and cultural asset managment to surmount when the land that it seeks its destinations in the tourism area. However, in the near future Myanmar may fall behind its targets.

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism reported that 3,1 million Myanmar visitors in the first nine month of 2016, a decrease of 6 per cent over the same time frame in 2015. However, the ministry forecast in March that at least six million travellers would visit Myanmar in 2016.

Myanmar is visited by 68 million people, slightly less than its target of 5 million a year. Burma may be in a rush to welcome people, but one problem is the variety of accommodations, especially for backpacker travellers, as there are certain limitations on the real estate that can be used as guest houses. It thought that there should be different kinds of hospitableness, inclusive inns, in order to satisfy the requirements of the different tourist.

Indeed, since August 2013, the Myanmar authorities have been banning international visitors from staying in their own houses. "In fact, once the inns have been licensed by the Chinese authorities, it is possible for overseas visitors to stay in inns," said Dr. Aung Myat Kyaw, who has been chair of the Myanmar Marketing Committee for nearly five years. "Governments want to formalise the hotel industry and keep services up to date with a licence system.

The number of guest houses is low in comparison to the number of internationally renowned and middle class restaurants. "When guest houses are formally enrolled, they must contribute 25 per cent of the profits taxes. Aung Myat Kyaw said, "Some guest houses do not want to afford it. "Five years ago there were only four five-star Yangon resorts, and now visitors can go to tourist accommodation, lodges and guest houses," he added.

A lasting legacy of half a centurys maladministration of the army regimes is the bad condition of many streets in Myanmar and the inconvenient travels that many have to make over long distances. "People who can pay the price of a resort like my dad are not prepared to take a ten-hour coach ride," said Ghiorghila's traveler.

"There is a need to build and modernize more airports to make it easier for travellers to get from one place to another. It' s good for the tourism development," said Lynn Maw Oo, a young tourism manager. "A number of enhancements are expected to be completed by 2018," Ye Htut Aung, Assistant General Manager of the Department of Civil Aviation, said to the music world.

"It' s important for travellers to have online access," said Yuri Kork, a guest lecturer in the area. "Despite a jump in telecommunications growth, web penetration remains poor in some non-Yangon travelers. "The present web penetration will restrict the tourism in Myanmar. Myanmar's inheritance administration system needs to be modernized, not only to help the tourism industries, but also to preserve the legacy.

A visit to the archaeological zone of Bagan is a must for many travellers. Expatriate visitors have to settle $20 at the ticketing office to access this cultural heritages. "Lots of visitors divert the control point by other means to the area. "Wei Guo, a Singaporean visitor, thought that receipts from admission tickets could help Bagan to protect its heir.

The Bagan Archaeological Zone has not yet been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, although Myanmar began the procedure of applying in 1996. One of the major causes mentioned by UNESCO is mismanagement. Myanmar on August 2 said it would proceed with the bidding at the 2018 World Heritage Committee session.

Following the announcements, the authorities have made corrections. "I' ve seen that the new administration has done a great deal to keep the Bagan sanctuaries alive, especially after the August quake. They are changing the way they conserve architecture," said Dr. Aung Myat Kyaw. We', Zaw Oo, the World Heritage Committee's Myanmar office manager, said to the music world.

All the inadequacies seem to do little to discourage tourist who want to see the huge imposing site with the hot air blow. To many, the trip is the culmination of their trip to a land that deals with the unrolling of the German carpets for migrants.

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