Tour Guide Jobs in Myanmar

Travel Guide jobs in Myanmar

The person who has passed all the tests is the only person who can act as a guide. The policeman to the hot-air balloonist in Myanmar. I am a professional tour guide in Myanmar. I' had the opportunity and time to work as a guide. Improve your skills and become a great tour guide.

Freelancer tour guide job in Myanmar -

We' re Triip - a tour portal that knows that every freelancer wants to make a website, view tour details and pay travelers' on-line payments in advanced. The only thing you do is to make the best of your experience, while Triip will help you do the work. We' re currently the best place to help professional tour operators like you design, maintain and distribute your own personal tour to anyone in the worInd.

Part-time Tour Guide

As a Triip freelancer you CAN: DRAW THE CONTENTS OF THE TOUR BY YOU: You create the contents of the tour yourself, depending on your interests (Food-Tour, Shopping-Tour, Mountain Riding, Business-Tour, Luxury-Tour.....) with our easytools. Threip is a truly international website, so you can work wherever you want.

We' re looking for anyone who wants to use their free hours to get to know new immigrants, guide them through your town, divide the community and actually get pay. The most fulfilling experience will be when you do it with a friend, be it a tour guide, someone you see on the road, or your tour guide.

Two-II in Triip stands for this ghost.

Regional tour leaders want the government to take legal proceedings against international tour organisers.

The Myanmar Tourist Guide Assosiation plans to call on the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to take action against the hiring of tourist guide books by tour-organizers. "The majority of the travel agents in Korea use mother-tongue translators as tour leaders, so the indigenous Korean-speaking tour leaders have no opportunity to find work," said the association's president, U Aung Tun Lin.

By 2012, the federation has addressed the question of Korea's travel agents working in the state with the government, but tour companies have still used aliens as travel agents. "At the time, the department was issuing a memorandum and the agents were hiring English-speaking leaders instead of Korean-speaking Chinese leaders," he commented.

"As an association of tourists, we will lodge another grievance with the Department to safeguard the safety of the jobs of local licensed tourists and to make sure that there are adequate policies and provisions for the employing of non licenced overseas tourists," he said. Korea's tourism industry has been flourishing since 2010, when the state opened its gates to the rest of the state.

During the first years there were only a few Korean-speaking native leaders. But the number of native Korean speakers has risen to 30. Myanmar's travel guide must be a Myanmar citizen and have a work permit from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

Tour agents and tour organizers tend to engage domestic tour managers for packages and group trips, but they engaged the locally licenced tour managers to tour the state. They said that their colleagues in Korea did not seem to have an offical licence, but they were somehow employed as overseas staff of tour-agents.

"Since 2012 they have been hiring English-speaking tour leaders so that they can say that they have a native guide. "Every year we have to prepay a fine to be a guide, but the fun part is we don't have a work. cWe would like to call on the relevant civil servants to review the laws and regulation on this subject in order to provide employment protection and employment possibilities for our people.

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