Tour Company in Yangon

Travel Companies in Yangon

Unknown horizons Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon Tour Operators - Myanmar - Myanmar Forum Hello, I searched for travel agencies and package offers. So I shortlisted a few of them and asked myself if anyone could give me feedbacks on the Mandalay tours, Travel Myanmar, Santa Maria and Frangipani? What would an 8-10 days trip be? The Mandalay trip was a personal one and I was very happy with it.

But on the other hand I'm a little worried about spending so much money, not so much for Myanmar, but I go to Chang Mai before I' m so ideal that I don't want to take so much on myself;) Do you mind exchanging it at home or in Bangkok? Before leaving Bangkok, why not use an ATM?

There is no ATM in Myanmar, but in some places you can use your traveler's check or your card, but it takes a few time. You' re right to use an ATM there in Bankok. Bangkok ATM' s bill per deal at $3-$5 (150bt), so it's not cheaper.

Allows you to pay out 10000-15000bt each. Hello Greg, if you're concerned about taking so much money with you, you can do as we transferred the check or TT to the Yangon broker. Was doing that to their Bangkok/New York Accounts as I usually trip 3-7 adults for 7-10 days which add up to a good deal of original US$ to find.

You have a good day! Freshly post on Santa Maria -- they're awesome. The transport is very odd (our planes depart early, the train and bus never depart when they are scheduled), so you'll need a chauffeur to drive you around. Hello, SANTA MARIA journey has organized our 22-day-journey.

A very dependable souvenir shop.

Yangon, the capitol, is the gate to Myanmar.

Yangon, the capitol, is the gate to Myanmar. The name Yangon has deserved the name "Garden Town of the East". Established in 1857, the last remaining chapter in the ancient Myanmar Empire, today the second largest town in Myanmar, is the center and home of Buddhism, full of Buddhist relics, tombs and castles with a thriving craftmanship.

The glistening old capitol with about 5000 coupons was established in 849 and reached its peak during the rule of the first King of Burma Anawrahta in 1057......

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