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Establishment of a company, investment, trade and production for export in Myanmar. I would like, with all due respect to my dignitaries, to briefly introduce and explain to you the motives and activities of managers who run our company. A new British-Myanmar travel and tour company, Pegu Travels, was founded last week in Yangon. Welcome to Yangon by our licensed tour guide. Then check into the hotel.

Sieben Diamond Myanmar Travel & Tours

Welcome to Seven Diamond Express Travels! It is our aim, the contentment of our customers with the express service!!!!! The Seven Diamond Express Travels Co. aims to combine nature protection, community and sustainability in traveling and encourages environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly travelling, as we specialise not only in adventurous journeys, such as hiking and hiking, but also in cultural outings.

The We Seven Diamond Express Travels is appointed King in the field of Passenger Security as Personal Sales Agent (PSA) due to the powerful global performances of our global airline and national airline tickets.

Travelling Myanmar | Dandaryi Travel and Tours

Arrival at Noi Bai International Airport: HANOI - ARRIVAL (-/-/-/-) Arrival at Noi Bai International airport; meeting your chauffeur for an international shuttle to Hanoi International City. Checking in at the motel. Accommodation in a Hanoi based motel. DIAGUE 2: HANOI - HALONG..... Golftour in Danang, Vietnam Duration - 4 nights - 3 nights Date - 7. September 2016 to 10.....

Danang Gulf Tours, Vietnam Duration - 7 days - 6 nights Date - 4 September 2016 to 10.....

Burma Business Travel and Services for Foreign Entrepreneurs

These are the kind of service we offer: Meetings with representatives of governments and privately owned enterprises. Lead you through the process of establishing a company and filing applications for approvals with the ministries. Advice and advice on the latest state of the game. Give advice on doing good things for overseas businessmen. a liaison with grassroots businesses and employees. In addition, we offer a full range of one-to-one service to make your long-term experience in Myanmar comfortable and enjoyable.

Longterm rent ave. with chauffeur. This was a period when Myanmar only opened up to the outside of it. Since then, times have changing. International goverments such as the UK, the USA and Australia are now active in providing advice to businesses in their own country on commercial matters.

Therefore, we will offer only restricted service in this area. Myanmar? Yes, in Myanmar. "Now we tell the US economy to make responsible investments in Burma." The Corporate America region reaches the "last frontier" of possible investments. Large companies such as Coca Cola, 7-eleven Stores and Pepsi have already found high-profile businesses in Myanmar, and Myanmar customers will see their local footprint within a year.

Also, we are expecting the comfort of Visa credit cards in Myanmar in good timeframe for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2013. Several of the heavier devices such as General Electrics Company and Caterpillar's electrical power supplies, machines and electrical power supplies have already arrived on the coast of Myanmar. To this day there are still some US trade penalties prohibiting the exports of Made in Myanmar goods to the USA, but not vice versa.

U.S. businesses are permitted to import their goods, merchandise and service to Myanmar. At the same time, Canada and the European Union have already repealed all trade restrictions against Myanmar and a flow of traders reaching the island to make links, relationships and work. China and Thailand had already spent millions of US Dollar on natural Gas, Mines, Hydropower and Infrastructural Development Programs.

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and nineteen Belarusian businesses had a two-day trip in November 2011 to increase their investment in this area. These are just a few of the ways in which high-level links secure major transactions in Myanmar. Burma is a cheaper option to China, Vietnam and Bangladesh for manufacturing and exporting goods.

They need links and advice from individuals who know how businesses work in Myanmar.

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