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Our motherland's underwater treasure is breathtakingly beautiful and quiet. Her trusted DMC in Myanmar! DISCOUNT SPECIAL OFFERS are available all year round. Explore the best tours in Myanmar (Burma) including Classic Myanmar Adventure, Indochina In-Depth, The Heart of Myanmar (Burma). The Tour Diamond Travels & Tour Co.

is actively looking for an outbound tour operator.

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We' ve just returned from Myanmar. Ten ideal getaways with the One Stop Tour "package". Took me about a year to make the final decisions on a visit to Myanmar. When I had almost finished my route, I contacted Kyaw Khaing to clarify the most challenging part of the journey between the different places.

He has a lot of knowledge in the tourism industry, so all the advice he gave us was priceless. We' ve declared our willingness to reserve all transfer and accommodations and to make room for our own arrangements. Deliveries were organised to perfection, all on schedule. There was no need to spend our restricted amount of our own free of charge on taxi selection, negotiations and the search for other persons to split the workload.

All of our flights have tickets: overnight coach to Mandalay, shuttle to Bagan, two flights within the country (Bagan-Heho-Yangon) and coupons for guesthouses/hotels. I' ve almost forgotten.... the services include Yangoon sight-seeing, boating to Mingun and auto transportation to sagaing, Amarapura, Mt.Popa, Pindaya, Inley& Indein,Kakku with lunch breaks at beautiful and inexpensive places and countless other places where we made a stop during the autotransfers.

I' m much more wise now than before, and if I were to return to Myanmar and make the same journey, I would do exactly the same - use Kyaw Khaing. Its" package" options with two internal services were less expensive and more convenient than the services of another" tour operator" which is only available by road transfer.

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รข??We really like meeting you in Myanmar." Nearly 80% of our clients are tailor-made outfits. If you would like to make a personalized trip, simply fill out the following contact sheet and we will do our best to make your trip a memorable one.

For 12 and a half day I travelled with my daugther through Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. All of ProNiti's rental service and all of our expertise was dedicated to ProNiti! Veronica at ProNiti and all tour leaders and riders in Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon, Siem Ream and Hoi An were respectable, dependable, friendly and competent.

Mr. Min's cookery course in Inle Lake was the culmination of the journey (in my own opinion), all in all Pro Niti gave us the chance to dive into Myanmar's civilization, learning how the natives lived and how to meet nice and welcoming localsters. I' ve worked with Fiona from Pro Niti and was so pleased with her versatility and ability to respond to our problems.

Thank you Fiona and Pro Niti.

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