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Airport information Toulouse-Blagnac - schedules, airlines, parking, arrival and departure, shops, duty free. In the south-west of France, Toulouse is the capital of the region of Occitania. Toulouse Airport's latest customer reviews, Toulouse Airport's quality ratings and Toulouse Airport passengers' opinions on Toulouse Airport's standards.

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It is located at an altitude of 152 meters above the surface. The 14R/32L is 3,500 x 45 meters (11,483 x 148 ft) and 14L/32R is 3,000 x 45 meters (9,843 x 148 ft)[1] Both Airbus and ATR produce and test airplanes at close quarters from the airport.

One Concorde with F-BVFC certification run by Air France is kept in the Aeroscopia Museum near the airport. From April 2015, the T2 Toulouse tramway line will connect the airport every 15 minutes[11] The tramway will connect the A line in Arènes and the B line in the Palais de Justice.

The ride by tramway to the heart of the capital is about 35 min. Shuttles to downtown Toulouse stop every 20 min. from Hall B. It is about 20 min. from the downtown area by tramway and stops at Compans Caffarelli and Jeanne d'Arc (both metro lines B), Jean Jaurès (metro lines A and B) and Toulouse-Matabiau station[12] Two bus services daily[13] link Toulouse-Blagnac Airport with Andorra[14], which has no airport of its own.

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"of Toulouse Airport. We' ve got a great staff here to help you on your way through the airport to make it easier every time. "Whether you are traveling in a stateroom only or with checked baggage, please register now. - If you want, you can register on-line and have your ticket printed out 30 or less nights and up to 2 hrs before depart.

  • You will notice the "Bag Drop" sign at the airport if you need to put your bag in the car. - Use the flight departures information to see which gateway your plane is from. - Travel time to the gateways varies from airport to airport and can take several minutes on foot.

The best thing is to find out as soon as possible from which departure point your plane departs and then see how long it takes you to get there. - There are also different charting techniques according to where you come from. In some cases a brief coach shuttle from the airport to the plane is required, while others need an "air-jetty" or a brief footpath from the airport to the plane.

You can find more information about the airport in the airport atlas.

You will find the airport at exit 4 of the D901. Europcar, our hire company, has a great value offer for airport rent. TaxisPre allows you to reserve your door-to-door airport shuttle with our taxi taxipartners. FlughafenhotelsCheck out our range of luxurious and cosy airport inns.

For more informationGet more information on how to get to and from the airport, with detailed information on public transportation. Do not forget to register on-line and get your ticket for your trip. It is free of charge and is available from 30 nights up to 2 hrs before your take-off.

You can go directly to the departing gates if you only have stowage bag. Please note that you must register 30 and up to 2 hrs before your planned take-off and that you must have your plane ticket printed out for your journey. In case you have particular needs or conditions for entry during your journey, you can ask for support via the booking administration or by telephone from our specialist support team at least 48 hrs before your planned take-off date.

Punctual We suggest that you arrive at the airport in good season before your departure so that you can pass through the airport gates and find your way to your departure check.

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