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The capital of the French department of Haute-Garonne and the region of Occitania, Toulouse is the capital of the French capital. Learn why plan your vacation on the official Toulouse tourism website: A city in the southwest of France, Toulouse is the capital of the Haute-Garonne in the Midi-Pyrénées region. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Géographie">Géographie[edit]

This is a land register in France that rules out 1 square kilometre (0.386 square metres mi or 247 acres) of lake, pond, glacier and estuary. Tolosa (;[4]French: Tolosa[tu?luz?], Latin: Tolosa) is the capitol of the Haute-Garonne and Occitanie regions. Situated on the Garonne, 150 km from the Mediterranean, 230 km from the Atlantic and 680 km from Paris.

This is the 4th biggest town in France and had 466,297 residents in January 2014. Toulouse in France is known as "Pink City" (La Ville Rose). With 1,312,304 residents (as of 2014), the Toulouse metro area is the forth biggest metropolis in France after Paris, Lyon and Marseille and ahead of Lille and Bordeaux.

In Toulouse, the hub of the aviation and astronautics industries in Europe, Airbus (formerly EADS) is headquartered, with Galileo navigation system, SPOT satellites, ATR satellites and Airspace Valley. This is also the location of Intel's main office in Europe and the Toulouse space center (CST) of the CNES, the biggest outer-city center in Europe. 5 ] Thales Alenia Spaces, ATR, SAFRAN, Liebherr-Aerospace and Astrium Satellites are also represented in Toulouse.

It was the capitol of the Visigoth kingdom in the fifth millennium and the late Middle Ages and the early Middle Ages of the Languedoc provincial government (the regions were abandoned during the French Revolution), making it the informal capitol of the Occitan culture area.

Today it is the capitol of the Occitan Republic, the second biggest French metropolitan area. Toulouse is a town with a singular architectural style of pink terrace stones that has given it the name la Ville Rose ("the pink city"). Toulouse has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Canal du Midi (named and divided with other towns in 1996) and the Basilica of St. Sernin, the biggest preserved Romance edifice in Europe[11], named in 1998 because of its importance for the Santiago de Compostela Shrine.

Situated in the heart of France, just off the Haute-Garonne département, Toulouse is on the communications route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Canal de Brienne, Canal de Midi and the Garonne, Touch and Hers-Mort river cross the town. In Toulouse, there is a damp semi-tropical climatic area ( Cfa/Cfb border area in the Köppen classification), which can be described as "sub-Mediterranean" because of its closeness to the Mediterranean area.

Following the invasion of Gaul, it was conceived as a Rome town by Gallia Narbonensis. Tolosa became one of the most important towns of the Visigoth Empire in the fifth and sixth centuries and even the main town at the beginning of the sixth centuries, before falling to the Franks under Clovis in 507 (Battle of Vouillé).

Since then Toulouse was the capitol of Aquitaine in the Franconian Empire. Duke Odo of Aquitaine conquered an incoming Umayyad Muslim military at the Battle of Toulouse in 721. Charlie Martel, a tenth later, won the Battle of Tours, also known as the Battle of Poitiers. Septimania was conquered by the Franks in the 750', and by the end of the 8' centuries a virtually autonomous county of Toulouse had developed within the Aquitaine sub-region of Carolingians.

Charlemagne's battle of Toulouse in 844 against Pepin II of Aquitaine was the decisive battle in the civil war. It grew during the time of the Carolingians and became the county of Toulouse. Toulouse' Townhall is an example of the architecture project of the eighteenth centuries in the centre of the twentieth and eighteenth centuries.

In the course of the eighteenth and eighteenth centuries the town was gradually modernized. In 1814, the Battle of Toulouse was one of the last of the Napoleonic Wars, four working days after Napoleon's capitulation of the French Empire to the Sixth Coalition States. Marshal Soult vigorously protected Toulouse, the region's capitol.

Little by little, Toulouse evolved into a contemporary town in France. In the early years of the twentieth millennium, Toulouse experienced the massive influx of emigrants from the north of France, Italy and Spain. In the town, new industrial sectors were created, among them the aviation and chemicals industry. Even the air mail of France was established here.

Throughout the Second World War, Toulouse was an important player in the resistance movements. During the 1960' a new influx of migrants came to the town, this one from Algeria. Toulouse' s industrial interests have recently extended to the fields of aerospace research andonics. Today it is the 4th biggest town in France. In terms of headcount, the actual town ( "municipality") was 479,638 in the January 2015 census,[1] with 1,330,954 residents in the Greater Region (within the boundaries of Greater Region 2010), compared with 1,169,865 in the January 2006 survey (within the same boundaries of Greater Region 2010).

Between 2006 and 2011, the region recorded a +1.5% annual increase in the number of people living there, the highest among all of France's urban areas with more than 500,000 residents, although slightly lower than the 1999-2006 figure. And Toulouse is the 4th biggest metropolis of France after Paris, Marseille and Lyon and the 4th biggest metropolis after Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Driven by the burgeoning aviation, space and high-tech industry, annual demographic increases of +1. 49% in Greater France in the 1990s (compared to +0. 37% in Greater France) and a +1. 87% in the early 2000s (+0. 68% in Greater France), which is the highest demographic increase of any Greater France region with more than 500,000 residents, mean that Greater Toulouse surpassed Lille as the 4th Greater France region in the 2006 Greater France Survey.

When he was major, the economic and social life of Toulouse was booming. He tried to reinforce Toulouse's cosmopolitan position (such as Airbus) and revitalise the city's richness. Occitan crucifix, the Languedoc flags and the symbols of the Earls of Toulouse, were selected as the city's new flags instead of the town' own crest (including the flower of the lis of the French Empire).

Thus, for example, memorials from the period of the Earls of Toulouse were renovated, the town' s sympathetic auditorium (Halle aux Grains) was renovated, a municipal theatre was constructed, a modern art gallery was created, the Bemberg Foundation (European painting and bronze from the Renaissance to the twentieth century) was set up, a gigantic popular concerts auditorium (Zénith, the biggest in France outside Paris) was constructed, the spatial and education museums Cité de l'Espace were created, etc. The city's cultural and cultural centre was also renovated.

Declaring that, with 3 periods of office, he was already the longest-serving major of Toulouse since the Revolution, he felt that changes would be good for the town and that the number of periods of office should be restricted. Since then, Baudis has been Chairman of the CSA (Conseil superrieur de l'audiovisuel) in Paris, the counterpart of the American FCC in France.

He joined the French administration in March 2004 and departed Toulouse in the hand of his deputy Jean-Luc Moudenc, who was appointed by the local councillor as major. Capitole de Toulouse (mainly from the eighteenth century) is home to the Hôtel de Ville (town hall), the Théâtre du Capitole (opera house) and the Donjon du Capitole Turm from the sixteenth centuries.

Probably the most beautifull whistle drum in France. In Toulouse, the Church of the Saints of Jacobin (French: ensemble conventuel des Jacobins) is the tomb of Saint Thomas Aquinas. In Toulouse, the Airbus A320, A330, A350 and A380 production facilities are housed the Airbus corporate centre and production line. Headquartered in Blagnac near Toulouse, Airbus is the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.

27 ][28] Airbus' French business unit is headquartered in Toulouse. Toulouse is also the site of ATR's head offices, Sigfox, one of the two Liebherr Aerospace and Groupe Latécoère head offices. Concorde, the ultrasonic airplane, was also built in Toulouse. Toulouse University ( Université de Toulouse ), founded in 1229, is situated here (today divided into three distinct universities).

The University of Toulouse, like the Oxford and Paris colleges, was founded at a period when Europeans began to transcribe the scripts of the Arabs of Andalusia and the Greeks. It is also home to the Toulouse Business School (TBS), the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), the Institut überrieur européen de gestion group (ISEG Group), the Institut überrieur européen de formation Par l'Action (ISEFAC), E-Artsup and several colleges of engineering:

Toulouse' s most famous grammar colleges are the Lycée Pierre-de-Fermat (fr), the Lycée Saint-Joseph and the Lycée Saint-Sernin. Central train stations with local and international connections are Toulouse-Matabiau. Besides an elaborate coach system, Subway Toulouse is a VAL (Véhicule Automatique Léger) subway system consisting of automated (driverless) rubber-tyred vehicles.

Line D also goes southwards from Toulouse Matabiau to Muret. Tram line T1 (in operation since December 2010) goes from Beauzelle to Toulouse via Blagnac. The T2 tram line is a junction of the first line, which mainly serves Toulouse Blagnac International Park. From Toulouse, the Canal de Midi leads to Sète.

The Château d'Eau,[37] a late 19 st C. old watertower, was rebuilt as a galery in 1974 by Jean Dieuzaide, a Toulouse based France based fotographer, and is today one of the oldest places in the photographic community in the whole planet. Toulouse' s artistic heritage includes the Musée des Augustins, the Musée des Schlachthofs, the Musée Georges Labit and the Fondation Bemberg at the Hôtel d'Assézat.

Saint-Raymond Museum is dedicated to antiquity and Toulouse Museum to natureland. The Académie des Jeux Floraux, the French Academy's headquarters for the Occitan-speaking areas of South France, is located in Toulouse, making it the informal capitol of Oczitan civilization. Toulouse' s ancient crucifix (from Provence, known as the Provence crucifix), the county badge of Toulouse and used throughout Occitania in the Middle Ages, is the symbolic figure of the town and the recently created Midi-Pyrénées region, as well as a favourite Oczitan icon.

The Toulouse Olympique will represent the town in the Rally Leagues and will compete in the English/European second class championship from 2017. It also has a top quality club, Toulouse FC, which plays in Ligue 1, the highest division of French soccer, and won the Coupe de France Final in 1957. In 1999, Toulouse also hosted EuroBasket.

A number of noteworthy academics were academics such as Jean Dausset, 1980 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine; Pierre de Fermat, seventeenth cent; Pierre de Fermat, who lived in Toulouse where he was Fermat's Last Theorem and was a member of the town parliament; Paul Sabatier, 1912 Nobel laureate in chemistry;

Nobel Prize laureate in physics[40] 2007, Albert Fert raised in Toulouse, where he studied at the Lycée Pierre-de-Fermat (fr), and Jean Tirole, holder of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2014, president and creator of the Toulouse School of Economics together with Jean-Jacques Laffont. Musically, Toulouse is one of the two contentious, contested birth places of Carlos Gardel (the other is Tacuarembo, Uruguay), probably the most famous character in the story ofango.

Georges Guiraud (1868-1928), songwriter and organizer, was a native of Toulouse. In the field of art, Toulouse is the place of birth of the impressively painters Henri Martin, Alexandre Falguière and Antonin Mercié. In addition, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Antoine Bourdelle were educated at the Toulouse Art College. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), a post-impressionist artist, was married to Count Alphonse Charles de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa (1838-1913) and belonged to an noble lineage of Counts of Toulouse, Odet de Foix, Vimcomte de Lautrec and the Viscounts of Montfa.

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