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Britain has a historical responsibility for these Muslims in Burma. The Rakhine State, a predominantly Rohingya area that has been under total police rule for decades. Shiite Muslims as a percentage of the total population: L'imprimerie et la papeterie du gouvernement, Birmanie. The provisional total for the population was determined in only one district, Henzada.

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Myanmar region[Burma] Survey 2012 to 2015 Accompanying information * Forecasts. Myanmar region[Burma] Survey 2012 to 2015 Accompanying information * Forecasts. 93% ( "all premiums ") are only available through our pro account. Generate pertinent and meaningful stats in no time at all.

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What are the reasons why it is that Singapore is being abandoned? Which are Myanmar citizens' privileges and obligations? So what did happen to the Myanmar Muslims in Burma? Is Myanmar going to be changed? Burma Trade: Where can I find Burma's suppliers? Is Singaporeans impolite or supportive? How do Malaysians feel about the Myanmar tribe in general?

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See the Population Pyramid record on the Definitions and Notes page on the References page for more information. Demographics of the population: birthrate: Fatality rate: the net immigration rate: Demographics: Important metropolitan areas - population: The average mother's average of the first birth: Mothers' deaths:: Child deaths: child deaths: 1,000: Lifespan at birth:

Overall fecundity rate: Prevention Prevenalence Rate: The HIV/AIDS incidence among adults: Anti-HIV/AIDS - HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS deaths: Adiposity - incidence in adults: Alphabetisation: Lifespan at Schools ( "primary to secondary" education):

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