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E&P Myanmar SAS explores and produces oil and gas in Myanmar. All EDC diamond drillbase fluid used by the Daewoo Myanmar SHWE project. Burma Total investment, % of GDP. Adherence to the "Health and Environment Charter" is essential in Myanmar, as in every country where TOTAL operates. The new General Manager of Total E&P Myanmar starts work.

Totale E&P Myanmar SAS: Private company information

E&P Myanmar SAS is exploring and producing Myanmar's crude petroleum and natural resources. Yadana is operated in the M5 and M6 units in the Andaman Sea. In addition, the Group sells lubricant and petrochemical products from its S├╝dkorean jointventure. Established in 1992, the business is headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar.

E&P Myanmar SAS is a wholly owned company of TOTAL S.A. Total E&P Myanmar SAS has not included any key executives. Information and information presented in this section is prepared and maintained by S&P Global Market Intelligence, a business unit of S&P Global. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to directly ask S&P Global Market Intelligence by click here.

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Totally in talks with Myanmar to build a power plant, supply of LNG

It is in discussions with Myanmar to provide the country's most densely populated town, Yangon, with liquid nat. sA. Xavier Preel, General Managers of Total E&P Myanmar, said the major player could also construct a nuclear facility. Total, which last year divested about 11 million tonnes of LPG, intends to increase its presence in subsequent sectors such as re-gasification facilities, pipeline and generating stations to help realign off petroleum based demands for it.

Total's entry into the down stream business underlines the concerns of the world' s large producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), who are trying to attract new customers for an abundance of gas that has reduced gas and gas costs by around 70 per cent since 2014. In Qatar this months announcement to increase its current 77 million tonnes of natural gas per year to 100 million tonnes in seven years, which could increase the discoverers' concerns about a surplus well into the next ten years.

The creation of a new market for natural Gas is critical and Total was asked to build natural Gas Generation in " some developing markets ", said Laurent Vivier, Sr. Vice President for Natural Gases at the World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul this months. Patrick Pouyanne, Chief Executive Officer, said in April 2016 that the firm was evaluating a pipeline and stand-alone energy generation investment in Indonesia.

The spokesperson for Total in Paris refused to provide or provide commentary on the Preel mention of the Preel nuclear natural gas terminals and plants projects. There was no immediate response to phone call to the Ministry of Energy and Energy in Myanmar. Myanmar, which ended 25 years of junta government with an elections in 2015, consumed around 217 kWh of energy per capita in 2014, according to the World Bank and the International Energy Agency.

That is less than a 10th of the electricity consumption per head in neighbouring Thailand. On 9 September, Myanmar filed an application for a declaration of interest in an operation involving liquefied natural gas in Myanmar. It will seek tenders for a $2 billion pipeline including a 3-4 million tonne per year 3-4 million tonne floatable liquefied natural-gas ( LNG) facility and a 1 gigawatt natural-gas-fired power station, the Nikkei said in March, referring to an unidentified sources of governance.

Total, which has been active in Myanmar since 1992, already extracts natural gas from the Yadana fields in the Andaman Sea off the western shore of the state. According to the company's website, this plant covers about half of its natural-gas needs.

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