Total area of Myanmar

of Myanmar

Maps from the LAND USE section of the Union of Myanmar Agricultural Atlas. The Myanmar forest cover and conditions due to the radical demographic, economic and social changes in the country. Ahead of Myanmar, the official Global New Light of Myanmar reported on Sunday that Total will start producing natural gas in the Gulf of Mottama off the coast of Myanmar at the end of this month. Burma has three main seasons, hot season, rainy season and cold season. Quadratic land area (km) Research background.

Burma - Land area (qkm)

Myanmar's area ('km2) was 653,080 from 2017. The area of terrestrial territory is the entire area of a given territory, with the exception of the area under freshwater waters, entitlements to the continental shelves and excluded area. For the most part, the definitions of fresh waters include large watercourses and large watercourses.

The area of the country is particularly important for a better knowledge of the farming performance of an economics and the impact of mankind on the environment. Innovation in spacecraft cartography and computer data bases has led to more accurate measurement of terrestrial and aquatic areas. Inhabitants, area, incomes and production are fundamental dimensions for the magnitude of an entire country's economies.

Therefore, the area of the country is used as one of the most important indications for the normalisation of other indications. This information is gathered by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations through the use of yearly surveys. Information from governmental source will be added to the information gathered by the survey.

Supplementary resources comprise formal government website information, government publication and related government information from various agencies around the world. The entire area of the island does not comprise any fresh waters such as large streams and seas. Deviations from year to year may be due more to updating or revision of figures than to changes in the area.

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