Torun old Town

Old Town of Torun

The city consists of the old town Toru?, the new town Toru? and the castle Toru? Town Hall in Toru? is one of the largest brick buildings of its kind in Europe and the most important historical monument in the Old Town of Toru?

. The medieval old town of Toru? or Starówka is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ancient Town Hall

Between 1602-1603, the town hall was thoroughly renovated in Mannerist styles and added another floor and ornamental masonry elements such as stone towers and nice windows. Despite the changes, the Flemish designer Anthonis van Obbergen, who was responsible for the renovation, retained the Gothic nature of the building. The town hall became the scene of a series of worship debates in 1645, known as the Colloqium Charitativum, aimed at reaching a settlement between conflicting Christians.

Most tragically in the town hall's story at Toru? was the great fire that started in 1703 following the bombardment by the Swedes' armies that besieged the town. The brickwork remains, however, which was further reconstructed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Signs of the devastating fire can still be seen on some cinderbricks. Since then, the top of the lighthouse itself has not been restored. The town hall was the headquarters of the city administration until the middle of the 20th cent ur y, but in the course of its existence it was even used as a sickbay.

There is also an interesting story in the Town Hall that says that the building was built to resemble a diary. It is a one-year building, the four doors represent the four seasonal periods, twelve large buildings represent twelve month a year, and the number of window openings should be the same as the number of a year.

According to tradition, citizens have added another screen in leap years to ensure that the architecture diary is intact. Today, few try to show the accuracy of the myth, it is much more pleasant to see the sculptured statues of city dwellers from past century, inspired by the pictures in one of the sacred pictures in a chapel of Toru?

The climb up the town council towers also offers an memorable adventure and the views of the historic town and the Vistula, which flows along its ramparts, are truly stunning.

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