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Tortallan Universe is the setting for most of Tamora Pierce's books and refers to the universe, Tortall and the surrounding lands. For the first time, six stories from the country of Tortall are collected here, showing both previously unknown characters and old friends. This is a description of the tropics that appear in Tortall Universe. Tortall-verse consists of several sentences of young adult fantasy novels by Tamora Pierce:

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Known as Tortall and its surroundings, the area is a mediaeval imagination space dating from a period in the northern hemisphere when only men were allowed to knight. It' s home to an interesting selection of characters, many of them girl, who have found ways in a harsh and gory environment - as a knight, as a magician, as a spy, as a prosecutor.

In the battlefield or in the halls of fine homes, accompanied by escorts, people, animals and sometimes others, the tortall hero always has his work ahead of him. Neighbours such as North Scanra, East Tusaine and above all the Carthak Empire in the southern hemisphere with its ever-hungry slavery civilization and eager magician king are in jeopardy.

Pirate ships from Carthak, Scanra and the Copper Islands are following Tortall's east bank. There is always a danger of conflicts in a land that is controlled both largely and sparingly, be it by insurgent aristocrats, the poor men of the Oriental Highlands or the scarcely defeated Bazhire clans. His monars are kind to fiddly, as well as his burglars, his magicians, his clergy, his soldiers and above all his deity.

They are very present in people's life, taking them in and taking them against those who have upset them. Complementing them are godlike animals, gigantic man-headed mammals, kites, griffons, giants, gigantic, frozen iguanas that chase down burglars, no matter what gets in their way.

The Numair chronics reward the reader with an unprecedented account of how Numair SalmalĂ­n came to Tortall. New arrivals will find an memorable imaginary quest in which the destiny of a realm lies on the back of a gifted young man who knows how to make evil enmys.

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HU (Human Era) relates to the space of the Tortallan Univers.

Shakespeare's Storys of Strength is a collection of shorts from fifteen different authors, among them Tamora Pierce. The Anthologue was prepared and assembled by Pierce and Josepha Sherman. The report was released in 2005. The first edition of this book was written by the University of Ostriches. The book will also appear in another collection of shorts, which will be later on.

Torall and other countries: In 2012, a collection of narratives, a collection of shorts, completely composed by Pierce, appeared after the full-length series. A whole series of tortallan storytelling takes place in the Tortallan universe. Tortall: The Tortallan Universe accompanying guide A Spy's Guide was released in October 2017.

This is a Dunlath about Maura. With many more volumes scheduled for this and Circle Universes, it is doubtful that a forthcoming Lady Maura volume will be available. in a number of different cultures and communities. Tortallan Universe's whole line of works begins with the song of the Lioness in 429 U, which means "Human Era", or 429 years after the exile of the exile of the immortals to the Divine Realms.

The text refers to occurrences outside these parameter, but not in the manual. For more detailed information about the Tortallan universe in terms of dates, years of origin, etc., please refer to the time line. This has been explained on Pierce's Tumbler blogs. The Tempests and Slaughter was initially named The Gift of Power by Tamora Pierce, but was modified by Penguin Random House Branding, so it is likely that the cover for the second volume will be different.

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