Turremolinos is a municipality in Andalusia, southern Spain, west of Málaga. Tour guide for Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain. Turremolinos is a city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

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Turremolinos (Spanish pronunciation: [toremo?linos]) is a commune in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, just westward from Málaga. Torremolinos, a poverty-stricken fishermen's hamlet before the emergence of tourist development in the 1950', was the first of the Costa del Sol resort to be built and is still the most sought after in the area.

By 2013 it had 69,389 residents, making it the 6th biggest urban area in the county. The areas of the area are lined with older skyscrapers and hotel complexes, but the altitude restrictions for new development and a considerable number of pristine old quarter real estate have kept the downtown much more open than other favourite places like Benidorm and Fuengirola.

Torremolinos has one of the best climate zones in Europe, as the name Coast of the Sun suggests. Summertime the city profits from a cold breeze that comes mainly from Africa, although this means a considerable amount of Sahara deer. Torremolinos, like San Francisco, sometimes experience a marine mist that runs as fast as possible.

It has two independent chairlifts, a pedestrian walkway and stairs from the city center to the shore. However, there are many parking garages in the city center. Torremolinos is known not only for its tourist industry, but also for its pulsating and libertarian night life, especially for its many pubs and nightclubs, which are aimed at the local population.

1 ] Torremolinos, together with Madrid, held the World Pride in 2017 and in June held his own pride, which today is the third biggest in Spain. The Phoenicians had established a community called Saduce here, according to the Egyptian-Greek historian Ptolemy, but the Romans were the first to establish the city, as finds of buildings and a Roman cemetery show (the scale of which suggests that the village had about 2,000 inhabitants[3]).

In addition, they constructed the Cadiz-Málaga route through Torremolinos. When the Moors conquered Spain, the windmills from which the city got its name (meaning "tower of the windmills") were established. During this period, however, the number of inhabitants was diminished; the Nasrid lords of Granada began to build the lighthouse in 1300.

Following the downfall of Granada, the city continued to be the target of Northern Africa's 1848 plague of pirates; during the War of Spanish Succession, the city was under attack by an Anglo-Dutch fleet under Britain's George Rooke and almost completely devastated. There is a 1769 record of a city of 106 people.

Spain's first gays club, Toni's Pub, was established in 1962 in Torremolinos. In response to the free life style of the town, the Estonian government arrested gays and other victims of repression in the seventies. The first Torremolinos was published in 1748 on the Ensenada stamps card. Its name comes from the words Torre (tower) and Molino (mill).

History believes that shaped rocks found on Torremolinos beach and mountain have been an indication of the presence of the town 150000 years ago. Estimates suggest that the fossils found in the Torremolinos caverns and promontory were 1. Ptolemy said the Phoenicians were building Saduce next to Torremolinos.

Torremolinos was invaded by a pirate army until the eighteenth centuries after the Christians invaded the Granada area. Under the command of British admiral George Rooke, an Anglo-Dutch navy plundered and burnt the homes and windmills and destroyed Torremolinos during the War of Heirs. In the first half of the nineteenth centuries the village was reconstructed and in 1849 there were 14 windmills, a bigger factory for kraft and 785 people.

Torremolinos became a small fishermen's hamlet with the sinking of the mill until the end of the 1950', when it became one of the first tourism centers on the Costa del Sol. During the 1950' many prominent people attended Torremolinos like Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra.

Nogalera's free and open-minded composition is still evident today, when Drago Kueens hosts the children's shows, and no one hits the eyelids of half-naked men who strut around Nogalera's club and bar at nights. During the following years, new hotel, nightclub and other touristic facilities transformed the face of the city and its beach.

Torremolinos was already developed into an important travel resort in 1965. Torremolinos has one of the best climate zones in Europe, as the name says, Coast of the Sun. Summertime the city profits from a cold breeze that comes mainly from Africa, although this means a considerable amount of Sahara deer.

Sometimes Torremolinos like San Francisco experience a lake mist that goes as quickly as it seems. Torremolinos has over 300 dining establishments offering all types of dining, from quick foods to culinary delights, and all nations. Chiringuitos popular beaches offer traditional grilled seafood and traditional dishes.

Carihuela County has many upscale dining establishments aimed at the Scandinavians and British, who make up a large part of the people. You can reach the very famous Asiel buffet-style restaurant in Arroyo de la Miel or near Ikea via bus or cab.

Two of the best eateries are situated in the Torremolinos heart: Antoxo and Matahambre. Also there are several free wells in the city where locals can take their own bottled waters to fill the completely virgin well. Turremolinos is home to the biggest aquatic parks on the Costa del Sol. Molino de Inca" Botanic Garden is situated next to the urban garden center, which is based on the Aqualand.

Eight and only performs dancing in English, but with Spaniards in it. There are several major urban event locations in Torremolinos, among them a meeting, exhibitions and congress center, the Palacio de Congresos, the Prince of Asturias lecture hall and the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Culture Center. In Torremolinos there are some very early malls, most of which are thinly inhabited.

In the city are the main hypermarkets Mercadona, Supersol, Aldi, Lidl and Dia. Eventually, in 2016, Intu, the same firm that designed the Trafford Centre in Manchester on shore next to Aqualand and the highway and main ring road, granted permission for the construction of a major retail and recreation area.

With an investment volume of over 500 million euro, it will be the biggest of its kind in the Mediterranean, including a swimming area with waves, in-door ski and electrical carting. There will be all the big stores in Spain like El Corte Ingles, Zara and Mango. The Ciudad de Torremolinos eight-lane stadium, one of the best sporting venues in Europe, is part of the Torremolinos sporting village and is situated on the outskirts of the city.

As this is a coastal city, the standard rental shops are available for bikes, motorbikes, electric bikes, surfboards, jet skiing, para sails, yachting, paddling, skiing and snorkeling. The Torremolinos is serviced by 5 wheelchair accessible railway yards, with the exception of the central yard on the La Nogalera central plaza, which has two entrances, one exit and only one moving staircase.

Torremolinos has no chargeable car parks in the city. Torrente is a sequel to a movie starring el bracketzo tonto de la ley, who, after having stolen a trunk full of coins and been taken to an emergency room, gives emergency services workers a chance to take him to Torremolinos and not to the emergency room.

A part of James A. Michens novel The Drifters from 1971 is set in Torremolinos. The Monty Python Flying Circus had a draft named "Travel Agent", which was broadcast on 16 November 1972, containing a link to Torremolinos in connection with the visit of UK travelers. Sttellla from Belgium composed a tune about Torremolinos (simply known as " Torremolinos "), which is their greatest smash so far.

The Terrormolinos (a Torremolinos game) is a text adventurous games for various computer plattforms of the 80s. Torremolinos 73 was finished in Torremolinos. The name Torremolinos 73 in the film means the name of an adults film made in Torremolinos in 1973. Memorabilia ", the soft cell tune, refers to Torremolinos.

Doris Dörrie's 2014 all inclusive is a German film maker who was shot on site in Torremolinos. Los Zafiros, a sixties trio from Spain, published a record called'Torremolinos' by Dorothy Squires, who also played the album. Lawless Alvin Karpis (1907-1979) from the time of the Great Depression, spent his last years in Torremolinos after being discharged from prison by the U.S. government.

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