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Thorquay is a coastal town in Devon, England, part of the Torbay area. Big savings on hotels in Torquay, UK online. Turquay (pronounced "Tor-kee") is an English town on the coast of Devon in the West Country.

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The Torquay ('tor-KEE') is a coastal city in Devon, England, part of the Torbay area.... Situated 29 km southwest of the district city of Exeter and 45 km east-northeast of Plymouth, to the northern end of Gate Bay, bordering the neighboring city of Paignton to the western side of the cove and opposite the Brixham Fishery Harbour....

Romans are known for having attended Torquay during the time when Britain was part of the Holy Roman Empire, and left offers on a strange cliff in the Kents Cavern, known as "The Face". Torquay's first large edifice was the Torre Abbey, a Prämonstratensian convent established in 1196. 8 ][9] Torquay was a small village until the Napoleonic War, when Torbay was used by the canal fleet as a protected mooring, and relations of officer often frequented Torquay.

Torquay's populace quickly increased from 838 in 1801 to 11,474 in 1851. Torquay's second stage of development began with the opening of Torre train terminal on 18 December 1848. Torquay's more centrally located train terminal was opened on 2 August 1859, overlooking the ocean from the train platform.

Torquay was given district privileges in 1872 after the previous years. Formerly considered a recreation centre, Torquay began to motivate summers, and in 1902 the first promotional campaigns were launched, marketing Torquay to them. Torquay Lifeboat Station of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was located at Ladies Bathing Cove from 1876 to 1923.

11 ] Torquay was considered a "spa town" after the Marine Spa was constructed on Beacon Hill near the port. Torquay was the site of a number of army clinics during the First World War - many Gallipoli Battle survivors recovered in the city - and was used as a base for troops.

Torquay was considered safe during the Second World war as the cities of south-east England and housed London based exiles, but during the conflict the city suffered small scale bombing losses, mainly from aircraft discharging lightning charges after participation in the Plymouth. Torquay's last bombing took place on May 29, 1944, just before landing on D-Day in June, and in the pre-Day period of June, millions of U.S. Army troops landed with the company's headquarters in Chelston and Cockington, operating the quartermaster service company in 3204th.

More than 23,000 men from the 4th Infantry Division left Torquay for Utah Beach during Operation Overlord. Torquay hosted the 1948 Summer Olympics nautical sports event, and the Olympics flames took Torre Abbey Gardens from London. Although Torbay did not hold any Olympics for the 2012 Summer Olympics, as the yachting took place in Weymouth, it searched for crews as preparatory camps, and the flames crossed once again on their way through Britain.

14 ] Since the Second World War, the type of British tourist industry has undergone significant changes. Recently,[when? ] Torquay has seen an increasing number of overseas visits, and is an important target for overseas language learners coming to the city to study English in school. The Torbay Council is chaired by Mayor Gordon Oliver (Conservative).

The Torquay (along with part of Paignton) is located in Torbay's parliament district, founded in 1974; previously he was in his own district of the same name. Torquay, the remainder of south-west England and Gibraltar are in the south-west English electoral district of the European Parliament. Torquay consists of a series of small villages that have joined together to form Torquay.

Over the course of the twentieth Century, Torquay grew and led to the evolution of Shiphay, Hele Village, Barton and since the nineties to The Willows and since 2010 to Edginswell and Kingskerswell, which gave the city its present floor plan as well as Maidencombe up to the Gabwell's. Torbay palms are a remarkable characteristic of the area; the tree was imported from New Zealand in 1820 and has been flowering ever since.

Torquay's greenery gives a glimpse of a more tropical environment than its higher altitude offshore ocean. In Torquay there are many touristic sites, among them Kent's Cavern, Britain's most important Stone Age site, home to early humans for 40,000 years. The Paignton Zoo's own coastline animal, the Living Coast, was constructed on Beacon Quay, which has been in existence since 1680.

The first proposal to develop the site as a Maritime Show was made in early 1999 in reply to a call from the Torbay Council for contributions from interested stakeholders. Then the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park took over the name of the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park under the name living coasts. Thorquay has two commercially available community radios:

The Breeze (formerly known as Palm 105. 5), which has its studio on Lymington Road in Torquay. While Hart Devon owns Global Broadcasting, The Breeze 10 is the property of London Media Company. The BBC radio Devon is the radios channel that covers all of Devon with Torbay.

The Torquay is part of the ITV West Country area, which sends regional messages and some documentation. The two TV channels are all over Devon and Cornwall. The Torbay Times, a Torbay Times daily, was established in 2011. In the National League, Torquay is featured by Torquay United F.C..

Turquay United was named a Conference Premier after he won the Wembley playoff finals in June 2009. After a bad Football Leagues Two ad in 13/14, Torquay United were the last to cross the finish line and were returned to their National Football Leagues premiere. After 80 years of Football Leagues affiliation, Torquay was banned in 2007 and spend two years in the Conference Premier; this fall came just three years after advancing from the cellar section of the Football Leagues and eventually resulted in a transfer of owners of the association to a syndicate of locals, business people and supporters.

Among the club's renowned former directors are Frank O'Farrell, who later headed Leicester City and Manchester United, David Webb, Cyril Knowles, Neil Warnock and Roy McFarland. South Devon also hosts three large nonleague clubs, Hele Rovers, Kingskerswell & Chelston and Upton Athletic, all playing in the South Devon Leagues.

The Torquay Athletic Football Club, which competes in Tribute Western Counties West, six divisions below the Guinness Premiership, represents Torquay in European football. The Devon Sharks football division is located in Torquay. The Torre Valley North grounds are the Torbay Athletic Club's and Torbay Triathlon Club's summers practice grounds for track and field athletes.

The Torre Valley North has a 400 metre long grassy runway, a long jumping facility and a ball circuit with a gazebo. Torre Valley North is home to a wide range of athletic disciplines, among them obstacles and high jumps. The Torbay Athletic and Torbay Triathlon Centre is used by the Torbay Athletic and Torbay Triathlon Clubs during the wintry season.

Torbay organizes the Torbay Half Marathon, which begins in Paignton, and the Torbay 10K Street Racing from Torquay to Paignton. In 2003, Torquay also held the World Snooker European Open at the Palace Hotel, which was won by Ronnie O'Sullivan. In the same year, the Palace Hotel also held the World Snooker Championship Qualifiers.

Between 1974, when it was established until 1997, Torbay County was a secure neighborhood, but Liberal Democrat Adrian Sanders overthrew the espionage author Rupert Allason's minority with only 12 ballots in 1997 and was expanded to 6,708 in 2001. A 7% cut from the Liberal Democrats was divided between the Conservatives (with a 4.9% swing), Labour - which received a significant rise in 1997 and 2001 in popular backing for Lib Dems - and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), whose nominee Graham Booth enhanced his record in 2001 with a 4.7% rise in the number of depositors destroyed.

The subsequent October 2005 elections were won by former liberal parliamentary nominee Nicholas Bye, who won the conservative elections. The Torquay Academy, formerly known as Torquay Community School and Audley Park, had its difficulties in the past, but has emerged from the 2001 Torquay Fund.

Ofsted recently received a 26 millionlb refurbishment, and in December 2010, when it was revalued by Ofsted, it was said that it had become a "good and improved school". In September 2001 she moved to academic stature, funded by Torquay Boys' Grammar school. The other two state colleges in Torquay are selected.

The Torquay Boys' High School and the Torquay Girls' High School are accessible only to those who have passed the Eleven plus examination and the school's own standardized test. Pupils can attend either one of the six classes of The Spires, St Cuthbert's Mayne or high school, or South Devon College, located at Long Road in Paignton on a new full opening in January 2006.

Thorquay has two clinics, the NHS-led Torbay Hospital, located on Newton Road, Shiphay, and the privately owned, non-emergency Mount Stuart Hospital on St. Vincent's Road, Torre. October 2010 was the month in which it was announced that the Bristol-based painter Banksy had frescoed the walls of the Grosvenor Hotel on Belgrave Road.

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