Turoro (Japanese: ???) is a sticky food made by grating a sweet potato.

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Turoro is a city in eastern Uganda. This is the most important communal, provincial and business centre of the district of Tororo. It is a small marketplace where many local population work. A number of ATMs exist in the city, one of which accepts all important credit card transactions at Barclay.

In 2007, Tororo has a large concrete plant, Tororo Concrete Limited, which produced only 19,000 tons of concrete per day with an installation of 35,000 tons due to outages. In the near future, two new concrete plants will be put into operation. These plants are held by two large companies: Simba and Larfarge (HIMA CEMENT).

Both of these plants are 5 km from the Tororo-Mbale motorway. electromaxx Limited built a 20-megawatt Tororo Power Station, which was put into operation in June 2010. A number of new plants are being built on the edge of the city. The transportation inside and outside the city is well attended by Matatus (privately held minibuses).

Mbale ( "UGX 5,000") will stop near the Shell garages, Jinja ( "UGX 10,000") (including Iganga and on to Kampala) on Jinja Street just after the traffic circle. Boda Bodas (motorcycle taxis) are used for most trips within the city. Trips in and around the city should range between 500/= and 2,000/= Tororo mark the intersection of the railways to Pakwach, via Soroti, and to Kasese, via Kampala.

The meter track from Tororo Junction to Gulu and Pakwach has been out of service since 1993. It has a humid tropic atmosphere with a brief drying period[9] The mean seasonal temperatures are 22. 10 ] Tororo has many storms and can be the place where Thursday comes on more occasions than any other place on earth.

Some of the following extra sights are within the city boundaries or near their edges: One of the city' s main attractions is the dominant rocky promontory overlooking the city. Tororo's main store was demolished (Sept. 2017) to create space for a new interior mall scheduled for completion in 2020.

The Tororo Hospitaller, a 200-bed government health centre managed by the Ugandan Ministry of Health. From here, Tororo-Mbale-Soroti Road[12] begins and goes northwest until it ends at Soroti, 158km. One of Uganda's six Ugandan open university campuses, Busitema University is 28 kilometers south west of Tororo's main commercial area.

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