Top things to see in Yangon

Sights in Yangon

Didn't you know Yangon has the best food in Southeast Asia? The best way to experience Yangon is simply to walk around with a card in your hand. In Yangon, what is the best thing to do or see for a first-time user?

After 2 years in Yangon from 2015 - 2017, here is my schedule of things to do: SWEDAGON Pagoda: In the morning of the weekends one could observe a number of church parades, young nuns and many salesmen on the streets. You can also see a railroad line that passes through the road, which is no longer in operation, and you can see homes living on these rails.

Make a nice talk with the folks. Also many possibilities for interesting road photographs. Yangon is a town where every road has guitars. In the middle of the evening they come out for a drink, meet around their supporters and are jamming their heart on the curbs.

The Yangon Sanctuary Spa is situated on the premises and offers you more reasons to stay there in the afternoons. See a film as it was made: it was made: it was made for you: Not in the chic theatres like Junction City. From Junction City go down the road and find a theatre like the Nay Pyi Taw or Shae Saung cinemas.

Enjoy the dried seafood that conquers the room, the grating noises in the backdrop and the pretty bowls of sunflowers strewn on the film. Near Botataung Jetty after dark: Be one of the chilly guys who parks their car, opens the boot, plays and chills in the water.

When you don't have your own vehicle or can't persuade your taxi drivers to take part in such interesting things, you''ll find plenty of low desks and low chairs to buy your own drinks and join you (chances are good that your taxi drivers are good with the guitars they carry around in their cars, see point 3).

And Yangon has a thriving theatricality. Take part in Yangon Improv Club improvisational trainings (https://facebook. com/groups/9823.....) or search for stand-up comfort evenings all over town. One of the city's special features, however, is that things are always shifting, like a new, unusual place to eat every few months, or a new festival where everyone wants to be seen.

It has the old fashioned charms that no other town has, and the locals are very kind, making it more and more popular with VIPs (below is a painting of Leonard Nimoy as he chills in Yangon). Naturally, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the most frequent place in most recommendation list and should be visited once.

There' s so many stands and pubs along the road, especially in the nineteenth century. The Bogyoke Market is one of the most frequented places for visitors and it is really rewarding to be there. The Sule Pagoda, Town Hall and Maharbandula Parks are near Yangon. See a film in the theater.

Visits to the Hledan stop from 17.00 to 22.00 and tasting on the road. If you want to go to more places in Yangon, let me know. Head to Sulay Pagoda in town.

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