Top things to see in Burma

The most important sights in Burma

It' fun to stroll through the little shops and street vendors. A list of things to consider when travelling to Myanmar. Best things to see in Burma? Myanmar's best sights, the best activities and the best tours you can do when in Myanmar. If you are ready to enjoy the best things in Myanmar, simply pack your bag and travel to Myanmar to see what awaits you.

The main activities in Hpa An Myanmar

Not only was Hpa An the first town that we went to in Myanmar, it was also one of the real high points of our journey through former Burma. I would like to show you what you should not miss in Hpa An, what to do and what to do.

Is this your first trip to Myanmar? Here you will find everything you need to know before your trip to Myanmar. You can go alone to Myanmar from Thailand. Once you have reached Myanmar, you can take a collective cab to Hpa An. However, perhaps you would rather run a little and check the price, because in our opinion the cabs are much more expensive right from the start.

We not only arranged our trip with them, but also with some other travellers who were very satisfied with their rooms there. It is a little off the beaten track, but that also makes it much calmer.

In all honesty, there's not much to see in downtown Hpa An, so your Hpa An tour to the best places of interest will probably be quite brief. The Hpa An Nachtmarkt is a 15-minute stroll outside the town centre. Hpa An's town centre's major tourist feature is the watch-loft.

In any case you should either participate in a trip or rent a motorbike to have a look at the breathtaking natural surroundings of Hpa An. We' re booking our trip with the Galaxy Motel. It can be found after 5 walking min. from the Uhrturm. How much does a trip around Hpa An costs?

For the Galaxi Motel during the rainy season*, the cost is 5000 kyats (approx. 3 / $ 3.67) per group. Our first stop on our trip to the Top Things in Hpa An was Kaw Ka Thaung caves. The Hpa An den itself is not really big, but full of sculptures.

You can take a stroll by the pond next to the caves. One of the most visited places of interest in Hpa An was the next stop on our tour: Saddan Cavern. It is a large and deep cavern, but the real attraction is what awaits you at the end of Saddan caves.

The biggest part of the cavern is lit, but for the black parts a telephone torch is sufficient. There is a magnificent panoramic sight of the sea that surrounds the Saddan caves. They have a beautiful panoramic views of the beautiful natural surroundings of the area. Lumbini Gardens are a box full of astonishing Buddha-statures.

Here you can stroll among the sculptures and admire the beautiful views. Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda is another high point of the trip through the Hpa An area. The Yathaypyan Cave is especially interesting for this fantastic panorama. They can look far over the countryside of Hpa An and admire this wonderful panorama.

When you have enjoyed the wonderful views, you can step into the cavern and you will find many Buddha-statures. To be perfectly frank, the interior of the cavern is not really different from other caverns in Myanmar. Here you will also find a small suprise at the end of the cavern. It is a small viaduct with another fantastic panoramic sight of this breathtaking Burma outback.

At the last stop of our trip through Hpa An were the bat caves. It is a cavern full of bat, as the name suggests. Just in time for sundown, the bat leaves their den to find nourishment at noon. What's really amazing is that they'll get out of their caves.

The ascent can take about 2 hrs, which can be very strenuous due to the Myanmar heats. Unfortunately we did not have enough in the Kawfun Cave on our trip. Want to make a big buck while you travel Myanmar? You' ll probably like my Myanmar on a budget mail.

This article also explains how we were able to pay only 400 / $483,59 for 28 nights in Myanmar. When travelling, always take out holiday insurances. Here you can find out about our Myanmar Hospital Horror Story.

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