Top things to do in Yangon Myanmar

The main activities in Yangon Myanmar

The best way to control the quantity is to enter on the east side. You can spend a whole day experiencing the best of Yangon with the experience of a professional guide. Yangon is the largest city and trading hub in Myanmar with over five million inhabitants. Continue reading to discover the largest city in Myanmar after sunset. Continue reading to discover our suggestions for activities in Yangon with children.

The Yangon travel guide: 15 main activities in Yangon, Myanmar

Rangoon is one of the top cities in Myanmar. Because of the many coupons that spread throughout the town, the town is a must. No matter what your reasons for a visit, here are the 15 most important things you can do in Yangon. Sule Pagoda is one of the most famous buildings in the town.

Located in the heart of Yangon, this gold coloured coupe dominates the surroundings and glows by light by light of the sun and by moon. Oddly enough, it is located in the centre of a round-about on Mahabandoola Road and Sule Peagoda Road. Sule Pagode is 48 metres high and approximately 2,000 years old.

The name Sule Pagode means "the marble grave in which a sacred relic of the Buddha's head is kept" because it is thought that a part of his head is kept here. Admission to the pit stop costs 3,000 kyats (2.21 US$). A large memorial in the centre of Maha Bandula Park will let people know that they have reached their goal.

Be free to revolve around this large park in the heart of the town, but we think that one of the most remarkable features of this area is the road meal that you will find on its outside. There are colourful marquees and sculptural chairs in the area, and guests can raise a few and have their lunches.

Even the meals here are unbelievably cheap. Yangon County is one of the most genuine and unique events that Myanmar residents will experience. It travels a full circuit around the edge of the town, and lasts about three in all. Travellers pass sluggishly through a variety of small farmers' shops, farmhouses and detached houses.

Yangon National Museum is an expansive five-story artefact museum. On each of the five levels there are historical finds, from a huge lions enthron to everything you need to know about Burma's art of art and much more. Although the Shwedagon Pagoda is breathtaking at any hour of the night, we have found that the best moment to come for a trip was at sundown.

Observe the sunset over the 2,500-year-old gold church with Lake Kandawgyi as a view. The area of Shwedagon Pagoda consists of several hundred buildings, from Stupa to sculpture and more. It is a rather urbane town, with signs of further evolution, which it is modernising further.

However, there is one place in Yangon where people can go to get away from urbanization: Kandawgyi Parc. It is located next to the Shwedagon Pagoda, the last top tourist destination on our shortlist. Because of its rectangular shape, the shining water is one of the most instagram-worthy places in the town.

There will be hardly any other tourist in the reserve, as it is still a favourite place for local people and a little off the well-trodden paths. Near the Yangon River is the Botataung Pagoda. At about the same age as the Shwedagon Pagoda, the church's rectangular shape shimmers in golden colour.

Although not as popular as the Shwedagon Pagoda or the Sule Pagoda, it seems to be just as breathtaking. Yangon's souvenir supermarket is a great stop for those looking for a pic. The natives line up along the street with their best products, from the freshest fruits to the best veggies and more, to be sold.

They' re sitting cross-legged on the streets waiting for other people to buy their goods. Yangon's vibrant and vibrant nocturnal life has its own special atmosphere and a host of places to visit after sunset. She claimed to be the first and only reggae club in Myanmar. After nightfall, stop to talk to the natives, drink a few Myanmar beer and spend the nights dancing.

Situated near downtown on 48th Street, the café serves cocktails starting at 4,000 kyats (US$2.94). Bogyoke is the only place to go for all your Yangon sights. It was built in 1920 and is fitted with everything you need to fill up your inner storeaholic.

Also known as Scott Markets, as it was known when the land was under UK domination. The roofed square is packed with thousand of stores, making it possible to discover the many stands and knick-knacks for miles before giving them up. Just outside the town centre is the Kyauktan Yele Pagoda.

Although there are many astonishing Yangon holmbags, this is one of the most interesting because it is located in the centre of a canyon. It is a place with many Buddha pictures and is breathtaking both from a distance and up close for the trekers.

The most passionate gourmets will be amazed by the meals on the Yangon roads. Burma's best eating out on the road in this town. The visitor cannot dare far to Yangon without encountering a rush of tasty dining cars full of new finds.

In case the visitor still has an appetizer, they must be sure to visit the area called Little India in the town of Yangon. It' full of small holes in the restaurant walls with menues that would even make an impression on India's people. India is a very populous place to eat in Myanmar because many Indians came to the land after it was no longer under UK domination.

Apparently they bring all their most tasty meals, especially to Little India in Yangon. If you like barbecuing, you have to go to Chinatown's 19 st avenue after sunset. If you are looking for a good barbecue, you will find some of the most tasty foodies in town. This is when the fascination happens, like grocers to their side of the road dining and booths and start barbecuing some of the most exquisite in town.

Situated between Sint Oh Dan St. and 20 St., it is a place to be missed by tourists, if not the flocks of keen guests that line the avenue. People can wiggle up and down nineteenth streets before they decide which kebabs taste best. Take a place, a spit and a beer too much and spend an evenings on this blossoming route.

Myanmar's population is one of the most astonishing features of the state. They' re willing when a visitor needs help or instructions, have the best advice where the visitor should eat, and are altogether great companions.

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