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The main activities in Burma

The best places to go from here are Bagan or Mandalay. Explore the best sights in eastern Myanmar, including the Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, Lin Htett Myanmar Traditional Food, Taung Kwe Zayde. The Bay of Bengal makes Ngapali Beach one of the most popular beaches in Myanmar. Burma, also known as Burma, is being observed as an undiscovered destination. Astonishing travel experiences to enjoy in Myanmar.

14-activities in Myanmar

Biking is the best way to get a full feeling for the country. Burma is a country full of stories, architectonic wonders and complicated arts. A sight-seeing trip takes you to some sparkling monasteries, such as the Kyaukhtatgyi and Shwedagon, the Amarapura buildings and the splendid Mount Popa.

The Irrawaddy River is a captivating boat ride. The book gives you an overview of how trading works in these areas, how the fisherfolk earn their livelihood and also how you can see first-hand the essential beauties of Myanmar. Mostly a well-kept mystery, Myanmar has some of the best dive sites in Asia, especially because of its accessibility.

athein Myanmar - Top picks for attractions and activities

Pathein's main tourist destination is Shwemokhtaw Paya, a buddhistic shrine dating from the era of King Asoka of India around 305 BC. It is quite a view and definitely the gem in the top of the city.

The city of Pathein is known for its roof garages, which have been in use in the city for over 200 years. The majority of the garages are in the city and you can see the workmen at work. Shwe Sar on Tawyakyaung Road is one of the best-known roof shelters.

A further favourite leisure activity in Pathein is visiting the surroundings and enjoy ment of some of the small rural towns in the city. They are a great place for the whole family and you will find picturesque river and wetland towns. If you want to get to the nearby towns, the best way is to book a motorcycle or bike and ride it yourself or a motorcycle cab with a rider.

Ensure that it is possible to move outside Pathein during the rainy period, as some of the wetland around the towns may be inundated. Pathein's key player is definitely the major player in the Myomaarket. You will find the best products in the city and although it is not very big, it is still a great place to see the fruit and vegetable varieties offered in Myanmar, and you can also get some locally roasted and other delicacies.

As soon as you have entered the square, you can go down to the riverbank, which has a seperate overnight fair that gets going as soon as the day goes down and offers grilled foods and other delicacies. Two of the best ways to savour Pathein is an afternoon stroll along the lakeside boardwalk and a taste of the local cuisine, and you can also take a seat at a plain dinner with a few seats and take in the view over the waters while you are eating.

It is also one of the cheaper places in the city if you are looking for a reasonable price and looking for some bargains.

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