Top ten things to see in Burma

The ten most important sights in Burma

Dawn over the ancient temples of Bagan, Burma. Some of them, like the crazy Thingyan New Year Water Festival, are national, but most are local - reflecting Myanmar's dizzying diversity. In high season it is recommended to book in advance, especially for popular destinations. From pagodas to museums, there is a lot to see and do. It' also a perfect stopover.

Activities in Inle Lake, Burma Myanmar

Nyaung Shwe's major tourist destination is Inle Lake itself, but the city is a nice place to go hanging out as it has one of Burma's most important travel destinations and a number of good caf├ęs. You can spend three whole nights visiting the most important sights of the reservoir and some other things that will make your journey unforgettable.

Learn more about the three-day Inle lake route. A of the most beloved and scenic attractions of the Inle See is the renowned five-day fair, which travels from one rural lakefront town to another in a five-day rotation system. Learn more about five-day stores. Several of the lake's towns specialize in various craft and metallurgical businesses, and the garages regularly stop on most of the routes around Inele.

There are some at home in the sea and others are more fictional, but by and large they are at least traditional Myanmar - even the fictional ones are creating work and incomes for the..... More about handicraft towns. It' a high point of every trip to Nyaung Shwe and should not be.....

More about In Dein. The Nyaung Shwe fair is difficult to miss: it is this lively, verdant, quadratic thing banging in the city. It is the constant everyday fair, open from early mornings till afternoons. Fortunately, and perhaps unexpectedly given the flow of people into Inle Lake's Torstadt, we have been able to stay largely traditionally and authentically, which for some is more than we can say.....

More about Mingalar market. The Khaung Daing is an extensive hamlet on Lake Inle, with several grocery processing plants off the beaten track. Visiting here, about eight or nine kilometres from Nyaung Shwe, with warm water sources and wonderful countryside along the way, is a nice half-day excursion.

More about Khaung Daing and our heated wells. One of Burma's two vineyards, Red Mountain Estate is just a few miles south of Nyaung Shwe and offers a great detour if you have half a full working days at your fingertips. Learn more about Red Mountain Winery and Maing Thauk. The majority of hikers in this area hike from Kalaw to Inle, but there is no need not to do it in the opposite way, or try a much less crowded hike in the mountain region just south of Nyaung Shwe and Inle.

Learn more about hiking. Please have a look at past editions.

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